Capital One’s Union Square Flagship Benefits from Massive LED Walls


Capital One’s new flagship branch in Union Square needed to stand out on one of the busiest corners of New York City. Gilmore Group and D3 LED teamed up to design and create massive LED walls that would serve to differentiate the branch and attract Capital One’s ever-changing banking customer.

Nominating Company: Gilmore Group, New York, New York
Venue: Capital One Union Square Flagship Branch, New York, New York
Project: Capital One Union Square Flagship Branch
Category: Business & Government Services

First, the branch had to be noticed from multiple sightlines and from long distances, and it needed to keep the attention of approaching pedestrians.

Second, customers needed to be drawn inside. It was important that customers be aware of and attracted to the brand as well as the self-service areas. Considering any services would be upstairs, it was key to bring visual attention to that space.

Finally, Capital One wanted the branch to have an exciting, comfortable and cool atmosphere that kept customers inside for longer periods of time.


There were several strategic and technical challenges faced as the project developed. The LED walls needed to be designed to serve as major attractors for distant pedestrians without making customers inside uncomfortable. Brightness, fit, finish and heat levels were all factors of consideration to ensure the displays worked seamlessly in the environment.

Implementation of the LED displays needed to be coordinated with life safety, HVAC and power systems and needed to remain structurally and mechanically sound. The challenges of perfect alignment and seamless visual effect were daunting.

Gilmore Group’s original intent was executed meticulously by D3. Using motion, light, color and scale, the fundamentals of Awareness, Attraction and Engagement were achieved. To truly create a unified environment, it was essential to harmonize with the building’s architecture and interior design.

The LED display was mounted on the walls, seeming to pass through the floor, continue across the interior ceiling and out through the glazing to the exterior of the building.

Within days of the branch opening, it became a hot spot in Union Square. The branch’s major displays speak out to the park and surrounding area, literally serving as a beacon to attract customers to Capital One’s new destination bank. The branch has increased engagement with Capital One significantly and has taken the brand to the next level.


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