Capturing the Essence of L.A. with “Convergence” Digital Artwork


Metropolis is more than 6.3 acres of residential, retail and hospitality property located in downtown Los Angeles. Located above the porte cochere entrance of Hotel Indigo and the Phase 1 residential tower is “Convergence,” an innovative digital artwork created by Refik Anadol and Susan Narduli. Conceived as an ever-changing media wall, “Convergence” is 100-feet long by 20-feet tall and depicts a digital exploration of Los Angeles’ diversity, creative energy, culture and people.

Nominating Company: StandardVision, Los Angeles, California
Venue: “Convergence” at Metropolis Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Project: “Convergence” at Metropolis Los Angeles
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Commissioned by Greenland USA, “Convergence” is a collaborative piece by local artists Refik Anadol and Susan Narduli. To paint the digital strokes of its visual experience, “Convergence” combines real-time demographic, astronomical, oceanographic, tectonic and climate-based data streams as well as social media posts, traffic and news feeds to present an ever-changing cinematic narrative of Los Angeles. The artwork explores new ways of storytelling through an intelligent platform that both expresses and responds to the spirit of the city in a seamless fusion of digital content, public space and urban life.

StandardVision was proud to be awarded the technology supply and installation of this innovative artwork platform. Working diligently with both the project design team and the artists, numerous mockups and content tests were made to ensure the project met its unique opportunities

Providing a turnkey artwork display solution always involves many disciplines: structural, electrical, architectural, financial and artistic. In collaboration with the top-notch design and construction teams at Gensler, Webcor and Greenland USA, StandardVision was tasked with providing a solution that met the content and resolution requirements of Anadol and Narduli while maintaining a high degree of architectural integration and 50 percent transparency for natural ventilation. In addition, structural and electrical constraints required an innovative approach to maintain the overall design intent and provide the most efficient solution possible.

StandardVision stretched its industry-leading Exterior Blade product to the limit by providing a high resolution display that spans 4.5 meters (14.8 feet) with a single module, and achieves 50 percent transparency for natural ventilation of the parking structure behind. The 4.5 meters allowed for a much more efficient structural design, though it presented some challenges for StandardVision’s product engineering team. Extrusions and PCBs were re-engineered to achieve the extended length needed, with Exterior Blades being grouped in four-unit mini-modules to allow for easier installation.

A centralized 380V DC power system was deployed to minimize electrical infrastructure (copper and conduits), while allowing power and data cables to run in the same containment. The 380V DC system also provides significant management and monitoring options and is a forward-looking concept that StandardVision believes will become much more common in the future of digital media platforms.

Metropolis Digital Artwork

“Metropolis is a reflection of the new downtown Los Angeles community and a gateway to the district,” said co-creator Rafik Anadol. “Similarly, we’ve built ‘Convergence’ on this theme of Los Angeles’ past, present and future, tapping into its history as the cradle of digital art and pushing its boundaries.”

“‘Convergence’ will be a unique and thoughtful representation of Los Angeles,” said Gang Hu, CEO of Greenland USA, “and we look forward to welcoming urbanites, tourists and residents to what will be the next iconic, Instagram-worthy Los Angeles destination.”

StandardVision is pleased to share in the deployment of this unique artwork, and believe its innovative use of dynamic data represents a model of public art that will become increasingly relevant as our digital and physical worlds intertwine.

Refik Anadol
Susan Narduli

“Convergence” at Metropolis Los Angeles won a DSE 2018 APEX Award in the Event Venues & Hospitality category.

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