Cardiovascular Systems Headquarters Lobby Gets Innovative Display Solution


This case study describes a custom digital signage solution that merges architectural design with interactive technology. Microgigantic (Mg) created an innovative display for the lobby of Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.’s headquarters. Mg developed two, three-sided, 11-footinteractive digital towers. The unique design serves as a visual beacon for the brand while also delivering a rich experience.

Nominating Company: Microgigantic, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Venue: Cardiovascular Systems Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota
Project: Lobby Display for Cardiovascular Systems’ headquarters
Category: Business & Government Services

At Mg, we focus on telling a great story and tailor the technology to fit. It’s what separates us from a traditional digital signage provider and installer, AND it’s what made our approach so well-suited for this project. CSI’s objective was to create a unique digital signage solution designed to inform, educate and entertain visitors and potential clients but to also serve as an internal communication and training vehicle for employees. The client also had specific functionality requirements for the digital experience. The towers needed to be moveable, easily serviced, and feature synced, interactive screens. Mg developed two, three-sided digital towers that were 11ft tall and composed of four, 55”interactive screens on each side. Mg worked with the architect, marketing and construction teams to fully integrate the digital experience into the corporate lobby design. Design began in late 2014 was installed in June 2015.

Mg’s tower design exceeded the client’s objectives and functionality needs, but because it was a custom concept, it required more work from a design and engineering perspective.

The combined weight of the screens, fixture and glass overlays made the towers extremely heavy. At 1,200 pounds, the towers threatened to crack the imported slate floor.

To create a seamless interactive surface, Mg selected a single pane glass overlay covering four ultra-thin bezel screens; this affected the towers accessibility. The client’s objectives called for towers with easy internal access however the clean, seamless design required partial disassembly to be accessed.
The unique configuration of the 3-sided towers also posed a potential overheating problem.

The project required the towers to play live streaming content and have the ability to sync all the screens for a complete takeover.

Mg was responsible for concept and solution design, vendor evaluation and selection, hardware and software evaluation and installation, network operations, content creation and project management.

Mg developed a 6-caster base to support the weight of the towers, enable the towers to move, and eliminate the risk of cracking the slate floor.

To create the interactive towers, Mg commissioned 6 custom 120″ IR touch overlays across 4, 55”edge-lit, ultra thin bezel LED screens. Amending the design, Mg added a hidden door to allow for non-disruptive access.

To dissipate the heat, Mg designed a ventilation system to pull air through the base of the towers and expel it at the top to keep everything cool.


Mg integrated both live streaming and local broadcasting by engineering a software solution and configuring players, PCs and matrix switches. Mg also engineered a media player matrix to enable syncing across multiple screen configurations.

An artful extension of CSI’s innovative brand, this unique digital experience serves as a point of inspiration for new clients, visitors, trainees and employees. The designed content and creative layout engages the viewer from all directions and floor levels inside the lobby, while also creating an effective eye-catching outdoor view for arriving guests.

A beacon for the brand, the signage helps reinforce the idea that innovation permeates throughout all aspects of the business, whether it’s a patented medical device or a distinctive digital signage display. In addition, by incorporating an interactive component into the signage it reduces the perceived wait time by engaging the guest and encouraging them to explore. This project works, because it is innovative and unexpected.

Microgigantic was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Business & Government Services category.

The project also included the following companies as partners:

Architect – Mohagen Hansen
Technology Provider – Four Winds
Fixture Provider – nParallel
Overlay Technology – TSI Touch

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