CareerBuilder Wins Over Customers with Interactive Game Experience


CareerBuilder was looking for a unique and impactful way to connect with end users of HRTech and enlisted the help of enVu, a STRATACACHE Company, to do so. enVu designed, created and built the solution for the HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas that took place in September 2018. The solution was used in the booth and engaged with attendees through an interactive game experience complete with incentives, highs scores, and prizes.

Nominating Company: enVu, a STRATACACHE Company, Dayton, Ohio
Venue: Career Builder Booth for HR Technology Conference and Expo, Dayton, Ohio
Project: Career Builder Booth for HR Technology Conference and Expo,
Category: Experiential Design & Planning

CareerBuilder wanted to create a unique, memorable experience for users of HR technology. The solution needed to educate attendees on CareerBuilder’s solutions, shift attitudes about how the company is perceived and gather key lead information about attendees. CareerBuilder’s overall goals were to educate attendees on their technology solutions, and have visitors perceive them as an innovative and tech-forward company to partner with for future endeavors.

The solution needed to fit inside a 30×40 booth. The CareerBuilder interactive experience included two different screens surrounding the solution including the Theater Style Ride and Game Experience curved screen that measured a total of 20 feet and a 3×3 video wall and experience showing pictures of the crowd going through the solution, all of which were provided by enVu. Tablets were also provided by enVu andwere used to interact with the Theater Style Ride and Game Experience.

The biggest challenge, apart from ensuring the solution ran smoothly throughout the day on the trade show floor, was keeping visitors engaged and interested while waiting for their turn to go into the main experience. Keeping in mind limited attention spans and trade show attendee behavior to keep moving to the next stop, standing in line for the experience to be available was a hurdle that enVu had to greatly overcome. Combined with the busy trade show environment, visitors were less likely to wait one minute, let alone 10, if they were not entertained while in line.

Another challenge was preparing for the busy floor traffic the solution would be seeing throughout the trade show. Managing the amount of traffic and having hundreds of visitors come through to participate in the experience was crucial in order to make sure the solution had a chance to be experienced.

In order to make sure attendants were engaged while waiting in the holding area, a video played on a large screen, introducing the experience, the game they were about to play and possible prizes they could win. Tablets were given to participators, so they could enter their information. The video also showed users how to use the tablet, which helped decrease wait time while building excitement.

enVu also provided a 3×3 screen video wall on part of the booth that showed pictures of the crowd going through the Theater Style Ride and Game Experience.

Four staff members were added at specific points throughout the experience to help visitors move seamlessly through the experience.

After the five-minute interactive experience, CareerBuilder was able to record a huge shift in attitude in terms of how attendants felt about the company. CareerBuilder found that, after going through the experience, 83 percent of attendees felt that CareerBuilder was an awesome or pretty good company to work with, a significant increase from 49 percent prior. They also found that 15 percent of attendees felt neutral about CareerBuilder, which was a substantial drop from the 48 percent before.

Overall, enVu was successful in designing, creating and building an interactive experience solution for CareerBuilder to use to shift attitudes about how the company is perceived. The interactive CareerBuilder experience was able to complete its goal of entertaining attendees and educating them on service offerings, all while working flawlessly in an unpredictable trade show environment.

Career Builder – Client
Exhibit House – built booth structure environment: Design Centrix

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