Case Study: Digital Lounging at Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre in Ontario


Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre in Vaughan, Ontario wanted to build a digital destination as part of a redevelopment project. The Digital Lounge is a 55-foot by 20-foot space within the mall that integrates a series of multi-platform digital experiences, customized fixtures and seating.  It provides shoppers with unique content and interactive experiences intended to heighten their visit to the mall. Nominating Company: Cineplex Digital Solutions; Waterloo, Ontario Venue: Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre; Vaughan, Ontario Project: The Digital Lounge Category: Public Spaces Cineplex Digital Lounge 2 BACKGROUND Opening on October 23, 2014, its intention was to provide shoppers with a unique digital experience that was accessible to all. By breaking up the space into three distinct zones – Ambient, Play and Live – we were able to create specific experiences to match. The Ambient zone included 10 displays mounted on a custom fixture, providing an immersive experience that included audio. The Play Zone contained a stand-alone gaming table, photo capture station and a gesture station. The Live zone was an 84-inch display that brought in passive infotainment content, social media feeds, results from the gaming table and Live TV. Finishing touches included seating areas equipped with USB and power, and supporting columns detailed and finished to house additional screens. CHALLENGES • Ensuring viewing sight lines to tenant storefronts remained open • Audio levels not distracting for neighboring retailers • Developing experiences that appeal to a wide range of shopper demographics • Future proofing the technology SOLUTIONS • Clear and frosted material selection on the main fixture, proving clear walking paths through the lounge and utilizing the existing structural columns allowed for the management of sight lines. • Directional speakers were used to contain the levels to within the seating areas of the lounge • The experiences range from full user interactivity on the photo capture and gaming station, less obvious interactivity initiated by gesture once you walked by to simple but elegant passive viewing. This provides experiences for a wider variety of users, and their comfort level of interacting in a public space. • Ensuring the selected technology was ready for future and enhanced experience while minding capital investment. RESULTS At the time of award entry, data had not been collected for review. Analytics will be captured through all of the interactive experiences, and customer feedback will be collected from the mall. Read more articles about Public Space Digital Signage

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