Caterpillar MINExpo Interactive Experience Boosts Brand Sales


Converse Marketing developed attendee experiences for a 260-foot by 200-foot Caterpillar exhibit at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas. This included an area dedicated to technology offerings that engaged attendees and facilitated millions of dollars in sales. The area included a hosted stage/screen, custom-developed trivia app, synched transparent displays and touch-activated interactive screens.

Nominating Company: Converse Marketing, Peoria, Illinois
Venue: Cat Technology Corner, Peoria, Illinois
Project: Caterpillar MINExpo
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

In the mining industry, Caterpillar is well-known as a manufacturer of big yellow machines, but is less known as a developer of mining technologies. At MINExpo 2016, Caterpillar had an opportunity to inform close to 45,000 people, including industry leaders and decision-makers, about the scope of their technology offerings and to help combat certain misconceptions in the market.

Eighteen months before the event, Caterpillar began working with Converse Marketing to plan and develop content for its exhibit, including a corner stage area focused on technology offerings. The goal was to attract current and potential customers into the tech corner, engage them on topics related to mining technologies, provide visual and engaging proof of Caterpillar’s sales propositions and then draw attendees into conversations with product subject matter experts.

1) Voice-of-the-customer research showed that while customers were familiar with our client’s previous messaging, they were asking for proof. Their request: Don’t just talk about it. Show it. They wanted to see real machines accomplishing real results.

2) Some of the messaging was about very complicated and specialized services our client provides regarding Big Data. This messaging needed to be presented in a simplified manner using unique presentation technologies that would draw attention, without being overly simplistic.

3) All content had to meet the unique requirements of numerous client product groups, while also presenting a single brand identity.

4) Because technology is complicated, we were asked to make this area “sticky” to attendees. We needed to keep them in the area for a longer period of time than in other areas of the exhibit to help them better absorb the messaging and become engaged in our client’s selling efforts.

Caterpillar MINExpo Interactive Experience Boosts Brand SalesSOLUTIONS
We designed an interactive theater that contained a large LED screen and stage and featured eight hours of programmed content and scripted interaction including customer interviews and stories, best practices and engaging 3D animated content.

To draw and keep crowds, we programmed and designed a mining trivia app. Participants gathered every 20 minutes and answered questions on iPads mounted on tallboy tables in front of the screen. The iPads interacted with the large screen and winners received prizes.

Converse created “Big Data” content for a series of five vertical panels, each containing two transparent LED screens. The panels presented separate animated content that would sync every 100 seconds and present a unified, eye-catching animation.

Finally, we developed five large touchscreen stations to present a deeper level of information. Attendees accessed and interacted with product content by placing a “product familyR card on the surface of an embedded MultiTaction touchscreen.

According to Caterpillar leadership, the company has never presented their technology story as clearly and powerfully as they did at MINExpo 2016.One respondent to a follow-up survey believed the technology area “upgraded Caterpillar’s perception as the technology leader. Another reported the sale of two autonomous dozing systems and new leads for the sale of two additional products.

Attendees were engaged and interacted with the content, the hosts and the client’s subject matter experts, who answered questions and took advantage of the many selling opportunities. Multiple millions of dollars in actual technology sales occurred after customers spent time absorbing content, asking questions and then interacting with SMEs using the product family interactive touchscreens.

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