CAYIN Adds Support of Video Streaming and Expandable Storage to Its Digital Signage Solution


CAYIN expands support to USB ports, allowing user to add external storage and HDMI capturing device to existing appliances.Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) October 03, 2017—CAYIN Technology’s current line of digital signage appliances is getting an upgrade. Reflecting on user feedbacks and extensive market research, CAYIN will release the newest software patch, SMP-NEO V2.5 and CMS V10.5, on Oct. 6th. This update contains major function improvements related to USB ports, including expandable USB storage, USB HDMI capturing, 5 GHz wireless support and more.

Since display resolution technology started developing rapidly, video file sizes have only gotten larger over time. This brings media storage demand for any dynamic content to the highest. In order to provide a more flexible option to expanding the storage, aside from purchasing a larger SSD which is quite costly, users can now simply mount an external storage of choice on the digital signage player, whether it’s a USB flash drive or external hard disk.

In the past, video streaming was limited to certain models of the SMP players and CMS servers. With this update, all the appliances now support an external USB HDMI capture card. Users may choose the suitable solution depending on the scale of the project, and decide if they want to enable the AV input in a stand-alone solution, or broadcast the signal using a CMS server.

The free upgrade will be available at the end of October to all the appliances that are currently running SMP-NEO 2 and CMS 10. Users may check for the notification at the bottom of the dashboard. For more information, please visit CAYIN’s website:


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