CAYIN Unveils Mobile Friendly Website for Digital Signage


Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) September 18, 2017—In an effort to create a better experience for both PC and portable smart device users, digital signage developer, CAYIN Technology, has redesigned its website. The new website has extensive product information, applications and visuals to help guide customers through the digital signage services CAYIN provides.

The simplistic design is based on the latest technology and freed of cluttering mechanisms such as Flash to ensure a smooth and effective experience. A more intuitive menu allows visitors to effortlessly navigate toward desired destinations.

In addition, visitors will find the revamped product pages easy to browse with interactive information. To spark inspirations and ideas, Cases and Solutions have been reorganized and filled with a great variety of digital signage applications.

The Support and About section will help visitors understand CAYIN’s role at each stage of implementing suitable digital signage solutions.

“We want to make sure our visitors have a smooth experience when they browse for essential information,” said Ravel Chi, General Manager of CAYIN. “Digital Signage is an extremely visualized concept, and so is our website. We hope the renovation will showcase what CAYIN has to offer: not just a platform to create, but a platform to connect with the world.”

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