Central Place Tower’s LED Display Becomes Lobby Focal Point


At Central Place Tower in Arlington, Virginia, Sensory Interactive worked with building owner JBG Smith Properties to deploy a 19-foot by 38-foot LED display that serves as a dramatic focal point for the office building’s modern lobby.

Nominating Company: Sensory Interactive, Washington, DC
Venue: Central Place Tower, Arlington, Virginia
Project: Central Place Tower LED Display
Category: Corporate Environments

Building owner JBG Smith wanted a dynamic and highly visible digital art element for the lobby of their new Central Place Tower project in Arlington, Virginia. This element needed to be conceived as part of an extensive art program that JBG Smith is implementing across the broader Central Place development. This art program includes installations in the office building’s observation deck, the adjacent residential tower, and the project’s plaza and parking garage. The quality and scale of the lobby installation also needed to be compatible with the design of the modern lobby and the world-class nature of the surrounding development.

The layout of the lobby presented an opportunity for the display to wrap a corner of the elevator to create an even more dramatic effect. Because visitors can get within inches of the display, however, this corner would need to be engineered to hold up to very close viewing. The artistic nature of the content planned for the installation also raised the bar for display quality.

Sensory Interactive worked with the owner to document a design approach for the display, develop specifications for display hardware and software, negotiate a fabrication and installation agreement with display vendor SNA, and provide a comprehensive range of project management services.

The display manufactured and installed by SNA contains more than four million pixels and utilizes custom-designed panels that minimize the seam commonly seen at 90-degree corners. To address the artistic goals of the installation, creative experience company Digital Kitchen developed a foundational content program for the display, which is augmented with seasonal content from Sensory Interactive’s creative content team. Sensory Interactive also created a content manual and standards guide as well as digital templates that will guide the ongoing production of display content by in-house and third-party creators and artists.

The 714-square-foot display serves as a signature element for the high-profile tower, and it is clearly visible even from outside the building. Sensory Interactive’s creative team continues to generate content that reflects changing seasons, special events, and holidays. This ongoing content development helps to keep the displays fresh and create unexpected experiences for building tenants and visitors.

SNA Displays (LED Display)
Digital Kitchen (Launch Content)

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