Checking in at Hotel Indigo Hsinchu’s Curved LED Wall


Hotel Indigo Hsinchu is located beside the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. The project installation is a canopy formed by 30 differently sized LED panels. These LED panels can play a wide range of content like snowy backgrounds, a rainy background or even a company’s logo depending on the situation.

Nominating Company: Nova Media Co., Ltd, Taipei, Taiwan
Venue: Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Science Park, Taipei City, Taiwan
Project: Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Science Park Canopy
Category: Restaurants, Bars & Foodservice

The installation is in the lobby of Hotel Indigo Hsinchu. When people walk into the lobby, they will immediately see the LED canopy on top of the restaurant bar. We use 10 different sizes of costumed P16 LED modules and attached them to the metal structure to form a 6.2-meter curved LED wall. By changing content, this LED wall has endless possibilities, from 3D animation, photos and videos to showing logos for branding. Also, due to its unique look, people likes to use this as a check-in point on social media.

The difficult part of this project was the construction. At the beginning, we considered applying laser projector and mapping technology as the solution. However, after site survey and product survey, we realized that the brightness, contrast and the saturation couldn’t reach our expectation. We changed to survey the LED panels. LED panels seems to be more suitable for this project. It’s bright enough and more stable. But here comes another problem. The LED modules are too thick and too heavy. We needed to figure out how to install these LED panels in the right position and made sure the structure was strong enough to hold all 30 piece modules.

We used computers to simulate the whole supporting structure and 30 pieces LED modules to find the solution. After evaluation and discussion, we decided to build two floor-ceiling steel columns to hold the whole structure. Also, we designed a steel net which can hold the upper LED panels and fix them on the ceiling. Besides solving hardware problems, we also needed to solve the software problem. Due to the LED being built in three dimensions, it meant there would still be problems on producing content for it. We use Adobe After Effects to create a template for it, and by using this template, it will be much easier to create content for these displays.

Hotel Indigo Curved LED wall

After the opening of Hotel Indigo Hsinchu, customers who come to this hotel usually use this LED wall as their check-in point. It’s cool, it’s memorable and it’s eye-catching. These elements are great for marketing. Also, the content can change easily, which means when a company hold a party or has events at this bar, these LED displays can play their promotional videos and logos. On some special holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Day, the LED wall can also play videos or show animated decorations. In addition to the endless possibilities, this LED wall is economical and eco-friendly.

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Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Science Park

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