Cieslok Cares Showcases the Toronto Arts Foundation Awards Finalists on Digital Signage Network


TORONTO (May 14, 2016) – Cieslok Media, Canada’s leader in large-format outdoor advertising and digital media partner to the Toronto Arts Foundation, announces their latest campaign showcasing the Toronto Arts Foundation Awards finalists.

The Awards are presented to artists, cultural leaders and businesses in recognition of artistic excellence, cultural leadership and contribution to the arts. Award finalists will receive media recognition for their work on Cieslok Media’s premium digital signage network across the City of Toronto. Every day, building up to the Toronto Arts Foundation Awards ceremony held on May 26th, Cieslok Media will showcase a nominee on digital boards across the city.

“Toronto is a city of art enthusiasts; we are no different. We appreciate the positive impact of art, especially the creativity found amongst the Toronto Art Foundation artist,” says Jorg Cieslok, CEO & President of Cieslok Media. “Through Cieslok Cares, we leverage our premium digital screens across Toronto, aiming to amplify the local talent and extend the positive impact of art across the community.”

Cieslok Cares is the corporate social responsibility program of Cieslok Media. Through the Digital Out-of-Home network located across Canada, Cieslok Media is able to showcase organizations, charities, emergency alerts, and initiatives such as the Toronto Arts Foundation Awards, reaching the masses and creating awareness for the awards and artist.

“These artists truly deserve this spotlight on their achievements,” says Claire Hopkinson, Director and CEO, Toronto Arts Foundation. “We are delighted that our digital media partner Cieslok Media is giving them the visibility they deserve.”

One of the major landmark locations showcasing the finalists will be the popular destination spot, Yonge-Dundas Square, which garners over 140,000 impressions daily. To learn more about the Toronto Arts Foundation Awards visit:

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About Toronto Arts Foundation

About Toronto Arts Foundation
Established in 1995, Toronto Arts Foundation is a charitable organization that encourages artistic excellence and increases access to the arts throughout the City of Toronto through private sector investment. Our vision Creative City: Block by Block is to connect every Toronto neighbourhood with the transformative socio-economic benefits of the arts. By supporting, celebrating, financing and advocating for Toronto’s artists, we can improve the quality of life for all Torontonians. For more information, please visit:

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