Cinema Scene Marketing Uses OUTFRONT Media’s On Smart Media Technology to Create Industry-First Digital Storywall for Theaters


outfront-storywall-picCinema Scene Marketing, the leading provider of in-theatre digital signage solutions recently announced its installation of the industry’s first “StoryWall” measuring 750 square feet in the lobby of ArcLight Cinemas Sherman Oaks 16 in Los Angeles. Through the integration of OUTFRONT Media’s ON Smart Media platform with Cinema Scene Marketing’s signage solution, OUTFRONT Media (NYSE: OUT) helped to redefine the moviegoer experience and offer innovative ways to display vivid images from the latest movies and advertisers.

“It has been exciting to see how our technology can help Cinema Scene Marketing build the first StoryWall,” said Andy Sriubas, OUTFRONT Media’s Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning & Development. “We are proud that some of the most discerning video exhibitors in the world have chosen to use our dynamic technology to showcase their work.”

The StoryWall enhances the moviegoer experience and is a prime example of the way theaters are modernizing and digitizing all customer areas within their venues. These innovative displays enable movie studios to produce multiple versions of the highest quality content and create a unique, engaging interaction with moviegoers. Leveraging ON Smart Media hardware and software, OUTFRONT Media worked with Cinema Scene Marketing to install the StoryWall, the largest digital lobby display in the domestic cinema industry. The display is made up of 96 individual Liveboards that can sync cloud-based content together automatically without complicated curation.

At nearly 50-feet wide and approximately 15-feet tall, the ArcLight StoryWall is the largest digital lobby installation in the domestic cinema industry. It is comprised of 96 individual ON Liveboards, which are synchronized to create amazing large-scale digital still and motion images. Each liveboard in the StoryWall boasts a 188 mega-pixel resolution at a pixel pitch of .55mm and operates on 384 ARM cpu cores and 288 impendent integrated graphics processing units to deliver a unique visual experience. The ON Liveboards feature wireless connectivity to cloud services that allow for content management and synchronization across displays, all in an ultra-slim enclosure that is only 12.7 mm thick.

Launched last year, and based on advanced technology from Videri, OUTFRONT Media’s ON Smart Media platform is a cloud-based, app-driven ecosystem that integrates hardware, software, and content to deliver relevant and engaging messages at a scale never before seen in out-of-home advertising.

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About OUTFRONT Media Inc.

OUTFRONT Media is one of the largest out-of-home media companies in North America with a leading presence in top markets throughout the United States and Canada.  We have a diverse portfolio of billboard, transit and digital displays reaching mass audiences, as well as a distinct offering of prime assets impacting select markets.  As part of our recently launched ON Smart Media platform, we are developing hardware and software solutions for enhanced demographic and location targeting, and engaging ways to connect with consumers on-the-go.

About Cinema Scene Marketing

Cinema Scene Marketing, headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., delivers promotional marketing and media solutions to cinema clients via concessions packaging, digital signage and marketing services.  Cinema Scene’s industry leading solutions can be found in most of the top cinema circuits in North America.

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