Civil Rights Landmark in Washington D.C. Gets LED Wall Treatment


ESI Design transformed the lobby of Terrell Place, Washington, D.C. as a contemporary, exciting work destination. By seamlessly integrating 1,700 square-feet of motion-activated LED displays into the architectural surfaces, walls of ever-evolving artwork create a sense of place and react to the presence of people.

Nominating Company: ESI Design, New York, New York
Venue: Terrell Place, Washington D.C.
Project: Lobby of Terrell Place
Category: Immersive Environments

Terrell Place, a trophy office building and civil rights landmark in downtown Washington, D.C., received a stunning makeover from the Manhattan-based experiential design firm ESI Design in the summer of 2016. ESI transformed the building’s common areas with 1,700 square­ feet of immersive motion-activated media that provides a cutting-edge experience and sense of connection while honoring the site’s past.

Terrell Place was created by joining six different buildings, including the former Hecht’s department store, resulting in a disjointed ground floor lobby with two entrance areas (7th St and F St). When the property was acquired by our client, Beacon Capital Partners, they tasked us with creating a vibrant, modern space with a harmonious lobby experience throughout the different entryways.

To create a strong sense of connection across two lobby areas and the linking hallway, we treated the space as a single media canvas, integrating 1,700 square-feet of LED displays into the architectural surfaces to create an ever-evolving artwork that reacts to the presence of people.

Activated by infrared sensor technology, the screens respond to the motion of people walking by or standing still. Three beautiful, custom content modes -‘Seasons,’ ‘Color Play,’ and ‘Cityscape’ -play with varying durations and sequences, ensuring that visitors never see the same scene twice.

Lighting, sound and media were designed to deliver a cohesive multi-modal experience. Some lights change color temperature according to the media that is playing. The environment is enhanced by ambient sounds emerging from invisible speakers in the walls and ceiling, creating a fully immersive experience.

Civil Rights Landmark in Washington D.C. Gets LED Wall Treatment RESULTS
The new interior, including the large scale, immersive and reactive media experience gives Terrell Place a unique new identity and strong street presence, recreating the building as a vibrant space while respecting its elegant architecture and historic significance.

The project has given our client, Beacon Capital Partners, global reach and enormous credibility for creating innovative, modern and enticing work environments. In its first month after launch, Terrell Place became a must-see destination for locals and tourists alike as well as an Internet sensation with 75+ million views.

Architect: Gensler
Fabricator: Art Display
Systems Integrator: Diversified Sound Design: Bruce Odland Furniture Design: Ernest de Ia Torre Software & Media: AV&C
General Contractor: HITT Engineers: GHT

ESI Design won the DSE 2017 Gold APEX Award in the Immersive Environments category.

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