CIVIQ Smartscapes Launches WayPoint


CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — At the American Public Transport Association (APTA) conference in Charlotte, CIVIQ is launching their new WayPoint, a smart city communications device that is designed to greatly enhance the citizen and commuter experience.

WayPoints are equipped with 55″ touchscreen displays that provide real-time, up-to-the-minute transit schedules, wayfinding information, advertising and service announcements. Optional features such as Wi-Fi, NFC, USB quick charging ports, and customer informational/emergency intercom, will offer enhanced customer services, safety and security. Additional technology options such as embedded cameras, small cells, beacon technology, sensors and data analytics can provide valuable benefits to the transit agency. The device has both an indoor and an outdoor version. A modular approach provides more than 16 variations, allowing transit operators tailor the device for their needs.

“With over 138 million U.S. residents visiting public transportation venues each month, the need for improved efficiency and enhanced commuter experience has never been greater,” said Brad Gleeson, Chief Commercial Officer, CIVIQ Smartscapes. “The flexibility of our new WayPoint solution allows municipalities and transit systems to customize the solution to their needs and budgets, while building a platform that can be ready for the future.”

The WayPoint draws on the success of the On-The-Go devices that are rolling out across the New York Subway System with the MTA. This project has won recognition by the Intelligent Transportation Society of New York as the ‘Outstanding Project of the Year’ and by the Digital Screenmedia Association as the ‘Best Travel / Hospitality Self Service Interactive Kiosk’.

“Our primary goal is to connect people and their communities,” said CIVIQ Smartscapes President, Erwin Rezelman. “We are continuously investing in innovative technologies that will improve citizen’s quality of life and visitors’ travel experiences, while simultaneously making cities everywhere more secure, efficient, and interconnected.”

The WayPoint will be available in late 2016. Orders for future delivery are now being accepted.

For more information about CIVIQ Smartscapes and to view the WayPoint, please visit

About CIVIQ Smartscapes

CIVIQ Smartscapes designs and manufactures interactive smart city communications solutions that provide access to and enhance public information, commerce, safety and efficiency to create “smartscapes” – the future of intelligent urban infrastructure. CIVIQ Smartscapes is able to design, manufacture and deliver turnkey networked solutions that provide cities with a range of beneficial services and capabilities.

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