Clear Channel Outdoor Americas Showcases the Creativity of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity


Activations on Le Grand Screen and in the CCOA experiential ‘Playground’ demonstrate capability for contextually relevant, real-time and data-driven digital out-of-home campaigns New York, NYClear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA) (NYSE:CCO), a subsidiary of iHeartMedia, Inc. will showcase the creativity, flexibility and real-time audience engagement potential of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising at this year’s festival.

CCOA will leverage one of the largest and smartest rooftop billboards in the world and its small-format screens to host world class digital out-of-home activations. Following its successful debut in 2015, the giant digital billboard, dubbed ‘Le Grand Screen’, will stand above the iconic Le Grand Hotel and can been seen by audiences across the Cannes bay.  Situated in the hotel gardens at ground level, the Playground – CCOA’s experiential and hospitality space – will also feature DOOH campaigns from advertisers, creative agencies, media agencies, digital and production company partners, and play host to thought leadership panels throughout the week.

The DOOH showcase will feature dynamic activations from partners including: Biborg, Black Swan, Buzz Radar, Haymarket, Quividi and Kirk&Kirk, LivePoster and Diageo, Ogilvy and Samsung, Stink Studios, Twitter and WCRS. Creative concepts include conditional-triggered content, mobile gamification, user-generated content, Artificial Intelligence (AI), hyper-local contextual relevance, as well as data aggregation, integration and visualization.

As part of its commitment to championing creativity in OOH, CCOA is also proud to sponsor the Outdoor Lions category of the prestigious Cannes Lions Awards for the eighth consecutive year. This recognizes the most creative OOH campaigns from around the world over the past twelve months.  Using the immediacy of digital OOH to showcase the winners, CCOA will present the winning campaigns on Le Grand Screen as they’re announced.

“OOH has undergone a radical evolution in how brands are not just planning and measuring the effectiveness of the medium, but also in terms of the creative activations we are executing for brands where digital flexibility, social media and mobile data intersect,” said Scott Wells, CEO, CCOA.  “We look forward to showcasing this immersive medium’s potential at Cannes and sharing with advertisers how they, too, can leverage these capabilities to engage with their consumers in even more meaningful ways.”

CCI/CCOA will participate in the following events:

  1. Thought-leadership stream:

Taking place at the Playground – an interactive OOH experiential and hospitality space – CCOA will host three thought leadership sessions, during which a panel of experts from across the advertising industry will explore a series of topics affecting the out of home industry:

Tuesday, June 20 –  11:00-12:00: OOH: Bridging the online and offline worlds

In this session, the panel will look at the powerful audience effect that can be created through the collision of real world and digital experiences. The discussion will also explore how brands can bridge OOH, mobile and social, to make the consumer journey more active.
Confirmed participants: Kinetic; Maxus Global; Clear Channel International

Wednesday, June 21 –  11:00-12:00: Are you creative enough for DOOH?

In what will be a lively discussion, the session will focus on creativity and will explore the new opportunities DOOH provides for engaging audiences. The discussion will also look at how creative agencies are embracing DOOH – including real world examples – the role of context and technology in the creative process; and co-creation between brand, creative, media agency and owner.
Confirmed participants: Grand Visual; Talon; WCRS; Clear Channel International

Thursday, June 22 –  11:00-12:00: How data is driving the evolution of OOH

This session will dive into the ways data has begun to completely change how the OOH industry provides value to brands. While the approach may vary, the key drivers are the same: focus on audience, proof of effectiveness, deeper insights, timely decision-making and laying the foundation for programmatic.
Confirmed participants so far:  360i; Cuebiq; MasterCard; MediaPost, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas

  1. Clear Channel Outdoor Playground:

Open: Monday, June 19 – Thursday, June 22

Time:    8am – 8pm

Venue: Gardens of Le Grand Hotel

CCOA has created the Playground, an experiential OOH exhibition and hospitality space in the gardens of Le Grand Hotel situated in the centre of La Croisette.  Agencies and advertisers will experience the possibilities of OOH via a selection of digital totems which will showcase inspiring examples of Outdoor creativity and innovation from leading advertisers from around the globe.

  1. Outdoor Lions Awards, sponsored by Clear Channel Outdoor:

Date:    Monday, June 19
Time:    7pm – 9pm
Venue: Le Palais des Festivals

In addition to the aforementioned events, CCOA will also participate alongside CCI in the following DOOH showcase partner activations*:

The showcase, presented in collaboration with voodooh – its digital OOH development and production partner – will feature dynamic activations from the following partners:

Kirk&Kirk, Bastard.London & Quividi: Eye Care What You Wear

Quividi – global leaders in DOOH audience and attention analytics – and Bastard.London – creators of contextual photographic experiences – have teamed up with luxury eyewear brand, Kirk&Kirk, to deliver personalised, contextually triggered content to digital screens in the Clear Channel Playground. The screen will invite an individual toward the screen and – by collecting information around three data points, through a video sensor – 1. Gender recognition 2. Colour recognition 3. Does the user wear glasses – will display a personalized piece of eyewear to match the style of the person in front of the display. For example, if a (1) woman with a (2) red shirt (3) not wearing glasses is in front of the screen, then the female model and red pair of sunglasses is displayed, if it’s a (1) man with a (2) blue shirt, (3) wearing glasses then the male model and blue pair of glasses is displayed.

Quividi: SnapDOOH: You’re Cannes Lions worthy, now everybody else knows!

Quividi – global leaders in DOOH audience and attention analytics – will be inviting people to the Playground to have their picture taken in front of a digital OOH screen. The sensor taking the picture will analyze the person in front of it and dynamically award a humorous accolade depending on what’s on the screen. For instance, a man with a stylish beard may be awarded the “Top Hipster Award”. The best looks and personalised displays will make it onto Le Grand Screen, along with a quirky accolade.

Stink Studios: #NotInCannes

Stink Studios is giving a voice to the poor unfortunates left behind. The ones toiling away while the chosen few drink rosé in the sun. Using the hashtag #NotInCannes, those back home can send personalized messages to colleagues that will post on the board in real-time. Do your worst!

Other partners* who will feature in CCOA’s digital showcase, include:



Grand Visual



The Female Quotient/ The Girls’ Lounge


*The partner list is subject to change.  Additional partners are expected throughout the festival and thanks to the flexibility and real-time capabilities of DOOH, advertisers can create and share their messages with audiences in real-time.

About Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. (CCO).

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., (NYSE: CCO) is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, with more than 650,000 displays in over 35 countries across five continents, including 43 of the 50 largest markets in the United States. Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings offers many types of displays across its global platform to meet the advertising needs of its customers. This includes a growing digital platform that now offers over 1,200 digital billboards across 28 U.S. markets. Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings’ International segment operates in 22 countries across Asia and Europe in a wide variety of formats.  More information is available at

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