Clorox Glad Matchware Spot Boosts In-Store Sales and Consumer Awareness


The Glad Matchware Variety Pack creative ran on Walmart’s grocery category screens in September 2014. Glad was promoting their variety pack, which was a new product in Walmart, so their goal was to bring brand awareness to the Walmart consumer and increase sales. This two-week campaign generated sales and was very successful vs. pre-campaign as well as vs. the category.

Nominating Company: Studio Squared, Richmond, Virginia
Venue: Walmart, Bentonville, Arkansas
Project: Clorox Glad Matchware Variety Pack Grocery Category Spot
Category: Retail

The goal for this creative was to make the Walmart consumer aware that the Glad Variety Pack was new to Walmart and available in-store. This creative ran on Walmart’s grocery screens, so the 15-second creative is designed to provide a quick-hitting message with a direct call to action. In addition to making the Walmart consumer aware that this product was available, the objective was to educate the consumer on the variety of packages involved as well as the cost savings that the consumer would enjoy by purchasing the variety pack.

The consistent challenge in the in-store environment is to deliver a quick, attention-grabbing message with a call to action while the consumer is moving through the store. Generally speaking, we accomplish this by using colorful, animated creative to capture the consumer’s eye. With the Glad Matchware Variety Pack, we also had the challenge of showing the three different product shapes and sizes in 15 seconds as well as the price benefit and the fact that these products stack within each other to avoid clutter.

In order to grab the consumer’s attention, the creative team took advantage of the fact that the containers were three different colors, so the three different shapes and colors were rotated from front to back in order to showcase all of the products within the variety pack. While the products were in motion, the VO described the price benefit of the variety pack, and the grids at the bottom of the screen provided the consumer with a visual description of the packages involved and where to find the product in Walmart. By incorporating the motion with the VO and the text graphics, we were able to educate the shopper with the needed details in 15 seconds.

The sales results of this campaign were very strong. There was a significant increase in sales of this brand vs. the weeks prior to the campaign and a significant sales increase for the brand vs. the category.

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