ComQi Webinar: How Today’s Shopper Impacts Smart Store Design


Title: How Today’s Shopper Impacts Smart Store Design

Date & Time: Thursday, October 25, 2018, 2:00 p.m. ET


Summary: It is essential for today’s retailers to bring e-commerce-like capabilities to brick-and-mortar stores.  If they don’t, they stand the chance of becoming extinct. Today’s shoppers demand personalization, convenience and relevant information inside the store. Retailers need to see through the shopper’s lens and use technology (such as digital signage, analytics, interactive screens or fitting rooms, social media, etc.) as a tool to enhance the shopper’s in-store experience.

Stu Armstrong of ComQiSpeaker Bios: Stuart Armstrong’s career lives at the four-way intersection of media, technology, retail and shopper marketing analytics. He had a springboard start in the mid-’80s working for Information Resources Inc. (IRI), where he headed up marketing and product management for Apollo Shelf Space Management software and was a member of the team that launched the first scanner-based syndicated retail sales tracking service, InfoScan. Armstrong rounded out the early stage of his career on the agency side, as executive vice president at Meridian Euro RSCG and became part of the Euro RSCG integrated marketing team, Power of One. Armstrong is now president and chief revenue officer for ComQi, a wholly owned subsidiary of AU Optronics. ComQi is a global leader in shopper engagement technology that delivers choreographed media and shopper marketing analytics for retailers’ brick and mortar stores to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing retail environment.  During his 15 years as ComQi’s president, Armstrong has been an advisor to such brands as Gap, Love’s Travel Centers, H&M, Ashley, Meijer, Dufry/Hudson Group, Six Flags, L Brands, and many more. Additionally, he has served two terms as president of the industry trade group Digital Screenmedia Association.

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