conDati Launches Data-Science-as-a-Service Solution Designed to Boost Online Retail Sales from Marketing Campaign Spend


PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Feb. 20, 2019 —  [eTail West] conDati announced today the launch of new capabilities on top of its digital marketing solution that helps eTailers and digital marketers understand their omnichannel campaign performance to sales revenue in a single platform. conDati’s AI and machine learning capabilities provide current insights and actionable recommendations to e-commerce companies looking to optimize their ROI from digital marketing spend, including online advertising across all digital display, paid social, email, and search.

Online retail has become an increasingly competitive space, and digital marketing becomes an even more critical component for success each year. Previously, digital marketers suffer from hours to days delays in manually collecting data via spreadsheets, the impossibility of collecting it all, and therefore, the inability to accurately calculate campaign results across platforms, channels, time, segments and other factors. Research shows 96 percent of ad clicks don’t result in sales—a strikingly low conversion rate.

conDati aggregates current campaign performance data across digital channels, to cohesively display returns and revenue from all your digital marketing activities. conDati also provides accurate revenue forecasts based on current campaign performance, and most importantly, gives real-time advice on where, when, and how to re-allocate budget and resources to achieve even better results.

“Online retailers invest millions of dollars in digital marketing, but they’re not generating the sales results that should come from such spend. Further, the current workflows to calculate results are time-consuming and incomplete, and what marketers learn is obsolete before they learn it,” says conDati Co-Founder and CMO Linh Ho. “conDati’s data-science-as-a-solution is fixing these problems by providing more accurate and timely campaign performance intel and recommendations to drive better results.”

conDati’s e-commerce capabilities include:

  1. Cross-channel and multi-touch attribution of customer journeys: First-touch, last-touch and allocation algorithms don’t disclose what different campaign activities are actually worth. conDati displays successful and unsuccessful conversion paths, what percentage of visitors and revenue took which paths, and how to increase traffic along the shortest, fastest and highest-return paths to revenue.
  2. Omnichannel ROI optimization: Not all campaigns are created equal, and conDati shows, at a glance, how they compare across product lines, campaigns, geographies, calendars and more. Hours can make a difference in online retail, and conDati’s real-time performance dashboards show where and when to shift budgets to achieve higher yields based on past performance rather than blended industry averages.
  3. Accurate financial forecasting: conDati predicts revenue, cost and conversion outcomes—at any future point—based on the actual to-date performance of that company and the unique seasonality of its sales. This means marketers can finally be as nimble as today’s market cycles demand, to remediate shortfalls and double-down on campaigns that exceed expectations as they’re happening.

“conDati has changed my business,” says Discount Dance Supply CTO and VP of E-Commerce John Miller. “The technology provides a central resource across our 10 different marketing platforms and lets us respond to changes before they become problems, which has saved us a huge amount of time—and money.”

Digital marketing is expected to become a $300 billion industry this year, and 40 percent of CMOs identify “marketing & customer analytics” as their top priority for 2019. conDati’s SaaS solution serves this market by helping online retailers increase revenue, improve marketing efficiency and become more agile in responding to changing market conditions. conDati’s unique approach to data science in the cloud means that its customers can start to act on brand-new insights within 2-3 days of starting with conDati, with no need to engage with IT or outside consultants. conDati’s solutions for online etailers begin as low as $2,500 per month.

conDati is offering a FREE one week assessment of your campaign performance; you will receive by the end of the week 1) consolidated benchmark report of your multi-year campaign performance 2) AI-driven recommendations to optimize your campaigns and forecasting of your sales revenue tied to your campaigns. No strings attached. Sign up here LINK>

About conDati
Privately held and based in Palo Alto, Calif., conDati is a provider of analytics for digital marketing that helps companies drive value from their cloud-based marketing applications and improve the ROI from digital marketing. The company’s cloud-based data science application delivers the next generation of marketing analytics, creating a single unified data asset from siloed martech systems. This provides marketing leaders with descriptive analytics to visualize real-time financial and goal performance for digital campaigns, as well as predictive analytics that deliver statistically meaningful forecasts of future campaign performance. Learn more at, or connect with conDati on Twitter via @condati_inc.

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