Connected Displays via Telenor Connexion Accelerate FirstView’s Global Expansion


Finnish digital signage solution provider FirstView has chosen a global IoT solution from Telenor Connexion to speed up and streamline its global expansion.Hundreds of businesses and government organisations are using digital signage provider FirstView’s screens – from small tablets and POS monitors, up to walls of displays – for information sharing and advertising. FirstView’s solution also includes media player devices and a browser-based content management system (CMS), enabling an unlimited number of screens around the world can be connected to the same CMS to control, schedule and deliver all content over the internet.

As FirstView started to expand globally the company soon faced challenges related to asset management and in meeting the standards set in their customers’ service level agreements (SLAs). Initially, FirstView were using SIMs from local operators in selected countries, without an overarching network strategy.

“Previously, we were dealing with a separate operator in each market, each with a different system, solution and price. This was time-consuming and made it difficult to offer a consistent service to our customers. We needed to streamline processes, gain better control of connectivity, and better align their pricing in all markets. So we chose to partner with Telenor Connexion”, said Tommi Högmander, CEO of FirstView.

By integrating SIM cards in media players, FirstView’s digital displays can be installed anywhere in the world where cellular networks exist. Rather than buying a separate SIM card solution for each market, the Telenor Connexion Global SIM gives FirstView access to Telenor’s worldwide network, supported by dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity experts.

With Telenor Connexion’s global SIM cards, service integrators can reliably manage and deliver content around the world, with the power to adjust content on individual displays. This results in increased control of the communications chain, reduced installation and service costs, and easier fulfilment of service level agreements with end-customers.

“The ability to use multiple carriers, and automatically change between them, is a great advantage in poor reception situations”, said Tommi Högmander. “As we can offer the same price across Europe, we can create easy-to-understand pricing models to our end-customers.”

“Digital signage is a fast-growing global market where we see very interesting growth opportunities and the partnership with FirstView is a great example of that”, said Mats Lundquist, CEO of Telenor Connexion. “Whether the customer needs to pre-integrate SIM technology into hardware, or get legacy solutions up-to-date, we can ensure streamlined content delivery that helps the customer simplifying their offerings and sales processes.”

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Maria Willander, Head of Marketing, Telenor Connexion, +46 (0)708 33 18 25

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