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Just because doors have closed on the exhibit hall by Friday of DSE week doesn’t mean the show is over. In fact, Friday, April 3 will be dedicated to a series of in-depth discussions, presentations and small group exercises we call the Content Workshop. Industry experts will share proven tips and critical guidelines throughout the digital content lifecycle from creation and design to piloting, deployment, management and maintenance. 

OpenEye Global

Bryan Meszaros, CEO/Founder of OpenEye Global, DSE board member and Past President of SEGD, will play Master of Ceremonies for this must-attend post-show event. Digital Signage Connection caught up with Meszaros to discuss his on-site Content Workshop role, the schedule of powerhouse speakers and how the concept of content in the digital signage industry continues to evolve.

Q: As the DSE board member leading the effort on this, what will your role be on site? Are you leading any particular presentation, introducing talking points or playing more the role of moderator?

A: I will be playing the role of the MC for the event. Having familiar knowledge about each presenter, I will be introducing them and, at times, helping to facilitate some questions from the audience to take advantage of their expertise. 

Q: Do the fundamentals of good content really change that much, and if so, how have they changed over the last few years?

A: Every year, the approach to content development changes … in fact, almost daily. We evolve quite rapidly learning from our target audience and the way in which they consume and react to content. In part, it has been change brought on by trends emerging from different generations of users, their expectations and the technology they have grown accustomed to using for guidance. 

Q: In a past discussion we had with you as part of our Executive Interview program, you mentioned that you started reading your wife’s Psychology Today magazine issues as one of several ways to explore the psychological aspect of content creation and how to grab audience attention. How do you think some of those concepts will be represented at this workshop and in industry rollouts of the future?

A: I still manage to steal a copy (or two) of that magazine … don’t tell her though 🙂 I think you will find a very consistent mindset amongst all the speakers in that the audience is always front and center. We all challenge ourselves to come up with concepts that are innovative, creative and extremely outrageous, all in an effort to generate a strong engagement. The psychological aspect is important to understand as certain visual cues, and even the contextual elements, all impact the way it is viewed and interpreted. 

Q: How does this in-person Content Workshop experience differ from and improve upon what an attendee could get from a webinar or individual study and research?

A: What makes this unique is that you are amongst your peers and you have that ability to ask people questions or strike up a conversation with someone from a similar background. Nothing against webinars or other forms of industry education, but when you have that opportunity to physically place yourself in a room surrounded by this kind of talent, you cannot help but feel energized and inspired. 

Q: Why is Content Management an “elusive art,” and how is this workshop addressing it?

A: We evolve so quickly as an industry, and so many aspects of it have become automated that we often forget that there should be some “humanity” to it, especially on the visual and management side. In other words, we are telling a story to an audience, and that is often forgotten or “elusive” as I said in the session description. With the speakers we have lined up, I feel we will be talking about content management in a different context from how most people think about it. 

See below for the DSE 2020 Content Workshop’s full agenda (schedule subject to change):

9:00 AM – Welcome from Bryan Meszaros
9:15 AM
Behind-the-Scenes: Museum of the Bible
Processes, Challenges, Outcomes

The award-winning project by C&G Partners and Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. created an immersive digital experience that sources from multiple channels: live information is streamed from social media feeds around the world, current-readings of tens of millions of Bible app users, a 24-hour time-lapse view of the biblical city of Jerusalem, and current contributions by museum visitors on the three interactive tables that allow visitors to express their creativity in real time.

Managing Partner
C&G Partners

Director of Software Development
Museum of the Bible

9:45 AM
Behind-the-Scenes: The Minnesota Vikings Museum
Processes, Challenges, Outcomes

Dimensional Innovations led the entire design and build process of The Minnesota Vikings Museum, winning the company a 2019 APEX Award as well as Integrator of the Year. The museum space is centered around interactive storytelling, combining physical artifacts and digital displays with a customized CMS to bring stories to life through audio and video, many with elements that are responsive to touch.

Dimensional Innovations

10:15 AM – BREAK

10:30 AM
Marquee Digital Experiences: Building Identity and Fostering Community

Learn how the Customer Experience Center (CEC) is a central pillar of storytelling that cultivates a shared identity and sense of place for both clients and employees alike. This session will share how organizations can define success and implement a larger digital signage strategy program that builds culture and provides a unique experience.

Director, Media Architecture

11:00 AM
Content Automation for Intelligent Environments

You already know it’s important to maintain your digital screen content, but how do you keep it fresh? Automating your content sources enables you to have rich, context-aware solutions with minimal manual maintenance. Learn different content types and how they can be dynamically created and updated. We will cover a step-by-step process to design and source content, including how to find integrations, review API documentation, and explore some real-world applications of this process.

Founder & CEO
Mustard Square

11:30 AM
Effective AND Efficient Content Strategy Overhaul

Beginning with a solid content strategy can help establish adequate budgets for ongoing content creation. Learn how to build your content strategy and leverage RSS data, dynamic HTML5 and other sources to create effective content. See firsthand examples of balancing an effective mix of custom content and templates to deliver a broader content mix that will resonate with your intended audience.

VP Creative & Strategy
iGotcha Media

12:00 PM
Panel on Inspiration and Motivation

AVP Content Strategy
St. Joseph Communications

Sr Director, Client Solutions, Managed Services

Director, Technology
Second Story

Strategy Director
Future Colossal

1:00 – 2:30 PM | WORKING LUNCH
Portfolio/Project Review

Attendees will bring their projects/works/portfolios to be reviewed and assisted by subject matter experts with suggestions, directions and instructions. These practice leaders will help you find ways to improve your work to the next-level.

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