Corporate Lobby Ups its Game with LED Ceiling Display


When Anthony Malkin, CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, set out to renovate the 537,839-square-foot office building at 250 West 57th Street, he wanted the new lobby itself to attract higher-paying tenants. What his company came up with was a large screen that spans the majority of the lobby’s ceiling. The 75.7-foot-long and 7.8-foot-wide LED screen, created by VER, accounts for $2.5 million of the $21 million building renovation.

Nominating Company: VER, Glendale, California
Venue: 250 W. 57th Street, Glendale, California
Project: Lobby at 250 W. 57th Street
Category: Business & Government Services

Marc Brickman, the man responsible for the lighting displays at the top of the Empire State Building as well as lighting designs for Hans Zimmer and Pink Floyd performances, was hired to bring the screen to life. Brickman’s company, whose video art has millions of views on YouTube and has been displayed in the Guggenheim Museum, used various algorithms and coding to operate the screen and show content.

“Other buildings have video installations, and they repeat themselves constantly,” Brickman said. “What I wanted to do was have [tenants]feel like this greets them every day, and they have the choice of interacting with it, in terms of finding out what it is about. That was the motivation for creating it this way, rather than just putting up pictures from the Internet or flowers. We are trying to up the game.”


More than what was noted above was the actual LED installation. Making a seamless 2.8-millimeter fine- pitch LED ceiling stretch such a length and width while being suspended, required innovative and exceptional engineering.

VER RS2 LED Tile and M8 Processor

VER installed a 2.8-millimeter, fine pitch LED seamlessly over a ceiling stretching 75.7 feet, which was suspended 14 feet above the lobby floor. With more than 6.6 million pixels, the display has 308 tiles in a 77×4 array.

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