Creative Conscience Announces its ‘Total Recovered’ Campaign


June 10, 2020 — Unlike much information in the media this is a positive campaign designed to draw attention in a creative way to the amount of people who have totally recovered from Covid-19 – in real time. 

Dispelling fear and making a positive difference.

A Conscious Mission

A unique project that combines technology/media platforms, creativity and hope. It was born by people with a creative conscience and a determination to get things done. Outdoor media was secured, ideas were conceived and the right people connected – the creative was developed. 

Technically – The outdoor media will be dynamically fed by live data The API sourced from the likes of Johns Hop­kins University, the World Health Organisation and the Centers for Disease Control. 

Creatively – Creative Conscience developed  a brief that creative students from around the world would answer in just a matter of days. The best ideas were crafted, judged, and then built to bring people HOPE globally. 

The Winning Idea ‘DEFEATED’ by recent graduate Megan Williams, studied creative advertising at Leeds Arts University in the UK. Williams is originally from Huddersfield, a town in West Yorkshire.

Broadsign DOOH

 “I took part because I’m really interested in using my creative superpowers for good and building positive impact’  – Megan Williams

The project was crafted and produced by Creative Conscience & L&Co their sponsor, developed by Voodooh & Nicole Yershon and rolled out by Broadsign to the global digital out-of-home community. 

Megan Williams is currently looking for intern opportunities.

Creative Conscience is a charity that inspires, trains & rewards creative thinkers to apply their talents to socially valuable projects. This campaign was produced in partnership with Voodooh, Nicole Yershon, L&Co & Broadsign &

Technical Notes

For all media enquiries or to arrange an interviews with Creative Conscience, Voodooh, L&Co, Broadsign & Orbscreen or …. please contact or



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Creative Conscience has been built by a community in 2012 as a global platform – operating to ‘Engage, inspire, train and reward creative thinkers to use their talents to build a better world’

Creative Conscience consists of industry leading professionals, social entrepreneurs, educators, students and graduates.


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