CrownTV Publishes Case Study on Redken Fifth Avenue Digital Signage Installations


New York, NY, January 30, 2017 ( – New York City-based digital signage provider CrownTV has published a case study on its high-profile installations at Redken’s new Fifth Avenue retail store, the Redken Gallerie, and accompanying educational facility, the Redken Exchange. 

The opening of the new Redken Gallerie represents the store’s first move in nearly twenty years from its previous spot at 565 Fifth Avenue. Redken joins a large and growing number of beauty clients served by CrownTV and its French parent company, Crown Heights.

“Redken has always been at the forefront of the industry’s latest techniques and technology, and the Redken Gallerie and Exchange are no exception,” said Sheri Doss, VP of Education at Redken Worldwide. ​

CrownTV was faced with the challenge of installing digital displays to fulfill in-store product marketing objectives and aid shoppers in finding what they need. In addition, Redken needed the displays to help them stand out and attract customers in one of Manhattan’s most coveted shopping districts.

By placing displays and allocating content in a targeted manner, CrownTV met the challenge beautifully, creating an environment optimized for product marketing and easy browsing. The content playing on the displays also reinforces branding objectives, immersing shoppers in the Redken brand and signature aesthetic.

Digital signage represents how beauty retailers can stay technologically and aesthetically modern in today’s market. The installation solidifies both Redken and CrownTV’s leadership in the realm of beauty industry technology.

“Digital signage is essential for branding and design in the beauty industry, and there’s no better way to demonstrate that than by installing our technology at a spot like Redken’s new Fifth Avenue location,” said CrownTV CEO Jacob Layani. “The space looks cutting-edge and connected. We couldn’t be happier with the result.”

The full case study can be found on the CrownTV blog.



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