Customized Lobby Network Enhances Class A Office Buildings


In April 2016, Captivate unveiled the all-new lobby network. Located in lobbies and elevator banks of class A office buildings, Captivate has revamped the network acquired in 2014. Today’s product line includes new hardware and software technology, 100+ media partners, increased communication capabilities, better on-screen branding and heightened viewer engagement.

Nominating Company: Captivate, New York, New York
Venue: U.S. Class A Office Buildings, New York, New York
Project: U.S. Class A Office Buildings
Category: Public Spaces

Originally known as the screens in elevators, Captivate has become a staple in the workday for business professionals. In 2014, Captivate decided to extend its footprint by acquiring the Wall Street Journal Office Network (WSJON). However, the elevator and lobby networks were far from integrated, and Captivate had an uphill battle to climb including changing the perception in the marketplace and creating a seamless content experience for the viewers. Up for the challenge, Captivate developed a ground-up rebuild of both hardware and software components that allowed the company to relaunch an integrated lobby network. This provided real estate and advertising partners with a high impact digital video experience and increased viewer engagement from the moment they arrived in the building until the time they exited.

When acquired, the lobby network had a host of issues. There were many equipment failures with minimal service options. Real estate partners perceived the hardware as dated as they were over-sized and bulky. Advertising partners believed the lobby screens were a second thought, and viewers didn’t engage as well as they did with the elevator screens. With only one content provider, the content was seen as limited and repetitive throughout the day, which minimized dwell time.

Captivate Lobby Network picSOLUTIONS
The Captivate team (creative services, engineering, operations and traffic) worked tirelessly to implement a second generation lobby network that would benefit all key stakeholders.

New Hardware: Captivate invested in large-format 43-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch HDMI LG monitors that were thinner and lighter with a modern aesthetic.

On-Screen Enhancements: All-new look including design elements reflective of the elevator screen, larger advertising and content window for greater visibility, city skylines customized by market and time of day, dynamic weather background, new data feeds including pollen count, Asian stock markets and travel weather.

New Content: The content now features more than 100 top media partners including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Conde Nast Traveler, Sporting News and The Associated Press

Customer Service: Class A customer success team implemented to support all client needs.

Since launching, Captivate’s advertising and real estate partners view the lobby network as a fully integrated media solution that enhances the viewers’ experience and delivers the same level of content and service Captivate has always been known for.

According to Nielsen:
Captivate has seen a 40 percent increase in combined U.S. audience impressions and a 70 percent increase in dwell time, which can be attributed to the screen and content enhancements introduced this year.

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