D.C. Metrorail Kiosk Network Gets Digital Makeover


The objective was to provide 10 state-of-the-art interactive digital displays as the first phase of the planned digital deployment in selected Metrorail stations.

Nominating Company: OUTFRONT Media, Maspeth, New York
Venue: WMATA Interactive Digital Sign Network, Washington, D.C.
Project: Digital makeover of Metrorail stations
Category: Transportation

By contract with WMATA, OUTFRONT Media was responsible for developing and deploying digital displays thereby providing interactive touch technology to the ridership while providing digital content and a forum for advertisers that would allow for maximum flexibility for day-parting, content changes and last-minute buys thus generating ad revenue for WMATA and OUTFRONT Media.

The digital displays were to replace existing out-of- service and antiquated pay telephone kiosks. Those kiosks were removed. With no rear access at the point of installation, power needed to be routed and channeled through the concrete walls to specific points to facilitate electrical connections. The wall surfaces needed to be repainted. In addition, these landscape-formatted displays required more embellishment so that the installations of the displays would be compliant with ADA requirements.

Through the coordinated efforts of WMATA’s Field Operations and Construction departments, all challenges were met to reach the final goal. LG- MRI designed a decorative and fabricated horizontal
accent band that allowed the display to be optimally installed and code compliant.

By all accounts, all parties are very pleased with the integration of these interactive digital displays. The advertising community has thoroughly embraced the advertising opportunities on these displays. Usage of the interactive element of the displays has been a great benefit to the general public by providing detailed and current system information. The increase in ad revenue has benefitted both WMATA and OUTFRONT Media.

OUTFRONT Media was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Transportation category.


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