Daktronics Enhances IKEA Management


BROOKINGS, S.D. – July 18, 2016 – The shopping experience at three Inter IKEA Center Group (IICG), the global company that manages IKEA’s retail destinations, is enhanced with unique, creative LED video displays from Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota. IICG shopping centers in Wuxi, Beijing and Wuhan, China, all received LED enhancements over the past two years including transparent, “storyboard” and banner displays.
“IICG invested 5 billion RMB in China for their first-time shopping centers developments in Wuxi, Beijing and Wuhan,” said Shonna Du, Daktronics Shanghai regional sales. “They were intent on bringing unique, never-been-done-before concepts into the shopping center atmosphere to create an experience shoppers could only get at their locations. The results certainly meet their objectives.”
The Wuxi location installed freeform, semi-transparent LED elements covering three sides of an elevator for a total almost 200 square meters of display with a 50 millimeter line spacing. A storyboard display – containing display segments that are positioned to create a full-size display – was also installed at this location. It measures 9.8 meters high by 6 meters wide and features 10 millimeter line spacing of Surface-Mount Device (SMD) LEDs. These displays create an ambiance in the shopping center that adds to the overall experience and is unmatched in this region.
The shopping center in Beijing installed a semi-transparent display measuring 14.4 meters high by 8 meters wide using freeform LED elements at a 50 millimeter line spacing. This display stretches from the second floor to the ceiling above the third floor of the shopping centers atrium area. It allows shoppers to look out through the display from the backside while people in the atrium can see full video content.
The Beijing location also installed a long, narrow storyboard display measuring 1.58 meters high by 11.09 meters wide which features 6 millimeter line spacing. This one mimics the keys of a piano with vertical display breaks to give the video portions a piano key effect. The display is mounted above the first floor of the three-story atrium, along a walkway adjacent to the semi-transparent display.
A double-sided high definition banner display hangs from the ceiling in the center of an atrium area inside the Wuhan shopping center. Each display measures 3.48 meters high by 2.22 meters wide and features 6 millimeter line spacing. This video highlights all the displays in action.
A storyboard display was also installed at Wuhan shopping center, measuring 5.39 meters high by 2.85 meters wide and featuring 10 millimeter line spacing. This display is mounted to the face of a wall at the second floor level of the three story open entrance to the shopping center and welcomes shoppers to the facility. 
Daktronics LED video and messaging display technology offers a long lifetime with consistent, industry-leading performance and low power consumption, providing value and excitement for years to come.
About IICG
As a global company, IICG develops and manages IKEA’s retail destinations and offers great opportunities to develop meeting places of the future, strengthen relations with tenants, and spread retail ideas across boarders. Present in China, Europe and Russia, IICG owns and operates 59 shopping centers and four retail parks in 14 countries, totaling more than 3.2 million square meters of GLA and approximately 400 million visitors annually. For more information, visit www.iicg.com.
About Daktronics
Daktronics helps its customers to impact their audiences throughout the world with large-format LED video displays, message displays, scoreboards, digital billboards and control systems in sport, business and transportation applications. Founded in 1968 as a USA-based manufacturing company, Daktronics has grown into the world leader in audio-visual systems and implementation with offices around the globe. Discover more at www.daktronics.com.

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