Data Inspires Video Wall at Charlotte Douglas International Airport


Video wall technology is transforming the modern travel experience, turning traditional wait times into times of engagement at forward-looking airports around the world — most recently at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which just completed a $200 million renovation of its Concourse A. The new expansion features video walls from NanoLumens and renowned digital artist Refik Anadol’s unique “data sculptures” that turn the airport’s invisible patterns of data into captivating content featured on the three NanoLumens displays.

Nominating Company: NanoLumens, Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Venue: Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, North Carolina
Project: Charlotte Douglas International Airport Video Wall
Category: Transportation

This alluring installation, dubbed “Interconnected,” is a part of a total commitment by the airport to reimagine modern travel through the eyes of compelling and immersive digital experiences. Frank Milesky of Cenero, the integration firm that approached the installation as a fusion of technology, art, and design from the beginning, explained that the goal here was to seamlessly integrate digital artwork that reflects the movement and traffic of the airport, essentially the airport’s data culture, into the architecture of the new concourse. This install isn’t merely about displaying content; it’s about changing the entire passenger experience at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Cenero knew the “experience-changing” part of the equation would be expertly handled by NanoLumens displays, and to properly communicate this unique artwork’s intended message, the install would require one NanoLumens 2.5-millimeter ENGAGE Series LED display and two 4.7-millimeter Performance Series displays.


The airport was originally considering projection technology for this project, but Refik Anadol knew from previous experience that only NanoLumens display technology could properly handle what is being described as one of the largest data sculpture visualizations in the world.

The NanoLumens ENGAGE Series displays that Cenero chose to install were the ideal solution for this area, which required crisp images, high-definition close-up viewing, and brightness to be seen outside by people in cars whizzing by.


According to Charlotte Airport, this installation is grabbing travelers’ attention before they even enter the airport as it is clearly visible from the parking garage and street across from the new concourse. The airport’s management is thrilled with how NanoLumens captures the richness and depth of Refik’s art. The technology has turned the time spent at Charlotte Douglas International Airport into a memorable part of the overall travel experience in a new and exciting way. It is a perfect marriage of Refik’s digital artwork and the state-of-the-art technology from NanoLumens.

Charlotte Airport continues to grow at record pace and has become the airport of choice for the 44 million+ passengers who fly through Charlotte every year. As one of the largest public artworks of its kind, Interconnected creates a living snapshot of the data management systems that enable CLT to serve travelers that travel to, from, and within the airport.

DG Hunt & Associates
Refik Anadol
Arts & Science Council

The video wall at Charlotte Douglas International Airport won a DSE 2019 APEX Award in the Transportation category.

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