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How do you deliver a lasting impression with business professionals who are constantly on-the-go and oversaturated with an immeasurable amount of advertising? It begins and ends with content that is catered to their lifestyle and environment.  As a digital signage operator and provider, it’s important to adopt a content strategy, such as ICONIC to assure editorial content is relevant and achieves performance goals for key stakeholders.  

INTELLIGENT: Research and listen to your viewers continually in order to make smart decisions about story timeliness, variety, themes, providers, length, aesthetics and relevance.

CONTEXTUAL: Take a deep dive into data on your audience and environment to help put stories in context. Knowing how your audience interacts within the environment in which they collect your information and entertainment is key. For example, inside an office elevator viewers are taking a mental break from their workday and want to be entertained and connected to the world outside their office. Time of day and day of week are also considerations for context.

ORIGINAL: Networks need to own their content and avoid simply regurgitating others’ stories. Originality should be a core goal as this is what sets you apart from competitors and positions your network as a go-to source for news and information.

NATIVE:  Opening the door to advertiser-supplied native content has been an ongoing initiative for many of the world’s top publishers. It’s important to identify quality native content that is beyond standard ad copy and valuable to your viewers and the environment in which they engage.

INTERACTIVE: Nothing proves engagement and viewer approval as well as interaction. If consumers want to engage with a network by submitting content, participating in sweepstakes, or regularly telling you (unsolicited) how great you are via social media platforms, you can pat yourself on the back for proving interaction and engagement. However, to make it an expected way of life for you and your viewers, you need to commit to supporting it and schedule engagement initiatives in your programming and promotions calendar each year.

COLLABORATIVE: Another form of content that is customized for the advertiser and the viewer is collaborative content. This content comes from matching a client’s brand objectives with the wants and needs of a particular audience type.

Keeping content ICONIC is a great way to start building value for the end user, advertisers and networks as long as you have commitment, resources and strategic support across the board.


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