Deloitte Greenhouse Experiential Wall Inspires Thinking outside the Box


This project was a turnkey interactive/generative solution for existing MicroTiles installations at office lobbies in Montreal and Toronto. A limited initial launch was designed for eventual global implementation. The intent was to inspire, engage, inform and entertain visitors while introducing the Deloitte Greenhouse way of thinking about business and innovation.

Nominating Company: Christie 360 Experiential Studios, Cypress, California
Venue: Deloitte Greenhouse Experiential Wall, Toronto, Canada
Project: Deloitte Greenhouse Experiential Wall
Category: Business & Government Services

Deloitte’s Greenhouse is an initiative meant to foster cultivation of ideas, relationships, opportunities and breakthroughs–a space for innovative and fertile thinking. Christie 360’s objective for the Greenhouse’s existing MicroTiles walls was to populate them with stimulating yet contemplative content. We set out to do something interactive and generative that would engage and entertain, but that would also speak to visitors in the Greenhouse idiom.

The experience had to be tailored both to the Greenhouse business philosophy and to Deloitte’s corporate values. It needed to be designed for existing installations but, at the same time, conceived with a global vision so that it could be adaptable to different cultures and languages. The content had to be simple to manage and update. Deloitte needed to be able to personalize it to specific visitors. Varying dwell times meant offering entertaining user-triggered interactivity balanced with compelling ambient mode content. Though the Greenhouse wall is a screen installation, a sense of immersion was paramount.

Deloitte Greenhouse Experiential Wall Inspires Thinking outside the BoxSOLUTIONS
To tap into the Greenhouse philosophy and language, we composed a wide-appeal “think-outside-the-box” message out of quotes from a variety of innovators across diverse fields. This content was embedded within ambient generative art that we sprouted from creative coding techniques. Simple and fun user interactivity makes for an experience that is immersive and engaging, but always different—something that inspires contemplation of new ways to do things. Additionally, easy-to-use templates ensure scalability and adaptability for future iterations of the Greenhouse.

The Deloitte Greenhouse is an environment designed to stimulate nontraditional thinking and incite breakthroughs. By encouraging play through interactivity and inspiring contemplation with thoughtfully­ curated left-field content, Christie 360’s installation contributes to this environment significantly. It welcomes users personally and actively engages them throughout wait times. It sets the perfect tone for the Greenhouse experience ahead, and that is the way its impact is most effectively measured.

The Deloitte Greenhouse


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