Deneva Launches its Smart Signage Solutions, ‘Safe&Tech,’ to Help the Business Normality Re-Establishment After COVID-19


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Spain, 29th of April of 2020. Being aware of the concern about the business re-establishment to normality, the Digital Signage manufacturer, DENEVA, launches DENEVA.Safe&Tech, their new smart signage solutions range. They have been created to help business to ensure compliance with the security measures decreed, look after the customers and staff and prevent the Covid-19 spread.

These solutions combine the Digital Signage technology with the most advanced high-precision AI systems for people counting. By integrating the upgraded queue systems, they ensure the capacity management and the effective management of influx of people in-store. It allows to know how many people the number of persons missing to reach the maximum occupancy or the areas with the least influx of people. In addition, they have an alarm system for the staff or the security person so that they can know if the actual occupancy is close to the maximum.

DENEVA.Safe&Tech also come with biometric systems for facial or corporal recognition, identifying if the individual is wearing mask, or if the security distance is being kept. When these norms are being breached, alarm messages will be released, ensuring this way the correct execution of health, safety and social distance regulations between people.

DENEVA.Safe&Tech is totally integrated with the Digital Signage software DENEVA, so that corporate or promotional communications can be also launched with the aim of encouraging the purchase or even getting advantage of the moments of higher public attention.

This new Digital Signage solutions are ideal for supermarkets, large areas, QSR and retail industry. Furthermore, they can be applied to other workspaces in order to guarantee a secure returning of all workers.

DENEVA is finalising the latest tests in intelligent self-service kiosks and touch-displays in order to avoid the contact with the screen through systems of voice recognition, and ‘Mirroring’ systems that enable the interaction through the smartphone. This way, a controlled and personalised communication that moves toward a digital experience based on each person can be achieved.

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