Denver Welcomes Visitors with Digital Signage


This installation is located right off of Downtown Denver’s bustling 16th mall and one block from the Colorado Convention Center, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the city from one centralized location via a combination of interactive touchscreens, immersive video walls and dynamic reader boards.

Nominating Company: Four Winds Interactive, Denver, Colorado
Venue: Visit Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau, Denver, Colorado
Project: Visit Denver Visitors’ and Convention Bureau
Category: Public Spaces

The Visit Denver Visitors’ and Convention Bureau sought to provide the city’s visitors with a stand-alone storefront, housing all of the information they would need to take full advantage of the city, whether travelling for business or pleasure. The wealth of information housed within the Visit Denver website needed to be translated into an immersive experience that users could easily access and bring with them as they explore the city and outlying areas. Additionally, the experience needed to feel natural and engaging within an urban storefront that emphasizes the area’s unique attributes and history. The storefront itself would draw upon the many facets of the Denver area, including architectural history and natural materials, giving a unique experience depending on the user’s location within the visitors’ center. Our digital solution needed to blend seamlessly within the tangible materials, including literature, maps and gift merchandise.

Our biggest challenge when tackling this exciting project was simply the question of how to handle the massive amount of information with which Visit Denver was prepared to supply its visitors. How do you enable visitors to successfully sift through all of the data and walk away with a tangible benefit? Between daily events, outdoor activities, arts and entertainment options, dining, attractions and much more, Visit Denver has amassed an incredible amount of information for their guests, and our goal was simply to provide this information in a personalized, user-friendly way.

We wanted to be able to bring visitors to the exact activities and events that would be most relevant to them on a personal level. We designed a user interface that makes it easy for users to find what they need by narrowing down options by activity type, region and category, crafting the experience and drilling down until they found the exact details and location of individual attractions that would fit in with their travel plans. Furthermore, they have the option of either printing these details and directions or saving the information to their mobile devices in order to bring the experience into the palm of their hands throughout their entire trip. In conjunction with the non-interactive video walls and reader boards displaying additional information and visuals, users get a fully immersive experience that excites them about all of the unique facets of Denver.

Visitors to Denver are now able to be “self-sufficient” when it comes to their travel plans and ideas. With their own private virtual concierge, they are able to plan their visits with their own interests and needs in mind. Whether they enlist the assistance of one of the on-site staff members or not, they are able to get the information they need, when they need it and transfer it to the palms of their hands. In addition to the hundreds of visitors that gain information from the non-interactive video walls and reader boards, the interactive screens see usage of more than 500 touches per month.

Four Winds Interactive was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Public Spaces category

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