DEVOS Video Platform Enhanced For Education Community


Wallingford, CT (PRWEB) March 13, 2017—Discover Video today announced a new DEVOS feature release containing many new capabilities for corporate, K12 and higher education organizations. DEVOS, a popular education video communications platform, has enhanced Lecture Capture, Digital Signage, Live Streaming, IPTV, and Presentations features, and a simplified intuitive user interface. Thousands of teachers, students, and administrators will benefit from these new features.

“DEVOS includes innovative capabilities that will appeal to all K12 schools, colleges, and universities” said Rich Mavrogeanes, Discover Video’s CEO. “DEVOS is a comprehensive video communications platform, used by thousands of people worldwide, that provides organizations the best value in the industry.”

Highlights of DEVOS New Features:

Multi-View Capture – A new streaming and recording capability for classrooms, lecture halls, and skills assessment applications. With the multi-channel encoders and an easy- to-use scheduling system, DEVOS can easily stream and record multiple HD cameras and presentations automatically. Viewers enjoy on-the-fly layout adjustment of both live and on-demand sources to watch multiple synchronized streams and can simultaneously use real time chat, question, or polling functions.

Digital Signage – DEVOS includes a complete unlimited Digital Signage system for any organization, including a school, a campus, or an entire university or corporation. The new SignStick-2® media player allows any live or recorded content to be displayed on HD monitors. SignStick-2 caches content locally and can even operate without a network connection. The system now also provides real-time announcements for school bus loading availability and customer queue displays. In addition, the built-in Priority Alert system can interrupt one, some, or all digital signs to display emergencies or special messages.

More Live Streaming – DEVOS can deliver live HD, secure video/audio to virtually any viewing device. Live streams can now include closed captioning and metadata to enhance the viewing experience. DEVOS delivers live streams to thousands of simultaneous viewers at any location or in conjunction with the popular StreamPump® eCDN caching appliance.

IPTV – DEVOS in combination with our new StreamEngine® Multi-Channel encoder delivers broadcast TV channels throughout a school district, college campus, or other enterprise. The optional TV channel guide allows viewers to find specific programs, record them, and use the recording in the classroom. Any TV channel can be viewed live on computers, TVs, mobile devices.

About Discover Video, LLC

Discover Video is a leading software, hardware, and services provider that empowers customers with the ability to broadcast and deliver live and on-demand video, presentations, and digital signage to employees, students, or the general public. We focus on the enterprise where network citizenship and security are crucial. We support all five screens and we provide a complete ecosystem. Our customers include educational institutions, schools, corporations, and local, state, and federal governments.



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