Digital Billboards Help Local Businesses Stay #OpenForBusiness


America is a big, diverse country in a globalized world, and while we’re all going through this unprecedented pandemic together, it’s safe to say there are a myriad of very different opinions and reactions about the whole COVID-19 situation’s effect on the public health and economic health alike. And that’s one reason why we promote success stories like the one below that champion a majority of the associated demands. As the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s President and CEO Anna Bager pointed out last week in a Digital Signage Connection article here, the real opportunity for the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) industry to help comes in the form of local business promotion.

And in the spirit of that sentiment, one of the most recognized names in DOOH, Clear Channel Outdoor, has recently joined forces with local businesses across our diverse country for a campaign tagged #OpenForBusiness. This initiative is calling attention to companies remaining open and offering essential products/services to the community while the rest of the mess gets sorted out.

The campaign, which began in late April, is running for at least a month and uses digital billboards donated by Clear Channel Outdoor to highlight restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, etc. that comprise the backbones of their local economies. Employees of these establishments are putting their health at risk simply by showing up for work, and many of these businesses are still struggling to survive. While DOOH has its own challenges to deal with, this kind of effort offers a constructive interim solution.

“Our local business partners are part of our family of valued advertisers, and they’re the lifeblood of our communities,” said Clear Channel Outdoor’s CMO Dan Levi. “Their success ignites the economic engine that drives cities, towns and villages across the nation, and we believe it is also our responsibility to use our media in ways that help them and all of our neighbors succeed.”

The advertising campaigns are also being featured across Clear Channel’s social media channels including LinkedInTwitterInstagram and Facebook to further support local brands and help get the word out. The two images featured here are from campaigns currently running in Philadelphia and El Paso, Texas.

El Paso Billboard pic

“The #OpenForBusiness creative was designed in a turnkey way that could be quickly, easily and effectively applied in a consistent fashion across all Clear Channel Outdoor markets,” added Levi. “The DOOH creative backdrop reflects the local city or region and shines a light on businesses that remain open, delivering essential products and services.”

Here’s hoping that everyone reading stays safe, healthy and open for business.

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