Digital Bridges to Our Energy Future at the 22nd World Petroleum Congress


The 22nd World Petroleum Congress, known as the Olympics of the petroleum and natural gas industry, was held in Istanbul, and Dreambox prepared the official opening show for this important event. The company had 20 days from brief to event, and in these 20 days, they had to design the stage, build it, produce the content, make on-site tests and get ready for the big day.

Nominating Company: Dreambox, Istanbul, Turkey
Venue: 22nd World Petroleum Congress Official Opening Show, Istanbul, Turkey
Project: 22nd World Petroleum Congress Official Opening Show
Category: Business & Government Services

The 22nd World Petroleum Congress, organized by the World Petroleum Council and known as the Olympics of the petroleum and natural gas industry, was held in Istanbul under the theme of “Bridges to Our Energy Future.” The energy and oil ministers of the member states, as well as the presidents and prime ministers of these countries, participated in the event, which was held under the auspices of the Presidency and attended by more than 90 countries. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner were among the
participants. The event was held in July at the Harbiye Hall in the Istanbul Congress Center, which has the largest indoor space in Turkey.

Turkey has an important role in energy as it is a bridge and a key country between East and West. To emphasize this, Dreambox wanted to integrate pipelines into the stage design and wanted to make them a part of the content. These symbolic pipelines were to be placed from East to the West on the stage, and through these pipes, the company wanted to visualize the energy flow from East to Turkey and from Turkey to the West. Mapping the pipelines in 3D and synchronizing it with the content on the stage was a technical challenge.


To overcome the time constraint, synchronization of multiple parties was crucial. So Dreambox divided the tasks amongst multiple parties. Technically, the most challenging point was to connect the oil lines running at different angles to the content playing on the screen and make it feel like a flow from East to West. They solved it by projecting the content from different projectors.

Dreambox succeeded in making an impact on the presidents and ministers as well as the other participants, and they received some requests for similar projects in the Energy Sector.

Turkish Petroleum on behalf of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

22nd World Petroleum Congress Official Opening Show won a 2018 APEX Award in the Business & Government Services category.

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