Digital Content Lends Holiday Ambiance to AT&T Flagship Store


MaxMedia created digital content for AT&T and the holiday promotional period. The assignment was to include imagery of the holiday season, connecting with family and friends, gift-giving and spreading peace.

Nominating Company: MaxMedia; Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: AT&T Flagship Store; Chicago, Illinois
Project: Holiday Promo
Category: Retail

The challenge was for MaxMedia to capture the spirit of the shopping season and create an atmosphere of family, friends and excitement around the holidays. The content needed to capture emotion, humanity and heart. It did not need to reflect the holiday events themselves, but the exciting time that leads up to them, the time when consumers are thinking of others and searching for gifts. The project was open to live-action graphics, CGI or any approach that effectively communicated the spirit of the season.

The challenge was to create vignettes that showed the season from the perspective of all family and friends. It was important to stay away from clichés and to look for truly relatable moments instead. It was also important to develop a unifying theme for the overall holiday program.

AT&T Flagship store holiday promo digital content

MaxMedia used seasonal photography to highlight the season and integrated AT&T’s offerings into that imagery. The concept made AT&T part of the season’s shopping experience and offered subtle gift-giving ideas by having the vignettes showcase the products being used in a real-world application. The photos showcased family and friends enjoying the season together and promoted a feeling of goodwill.  

The key result was that customers felt comfortable shopping in the Michigan Avenue Store, and the imagery was beautiful, entertaining and engaging. The content was about creating a feeling, not a call-to-action, and the animation team successfully captured that idea. Customers enjoyed the shopping environment and had a positive feeling about the brand and the retail experience.  Holiday sales are the biggest of the year at AT&T, and this campaign proved that a generous and relatable brand experience can inspire customers to find the perfect gift for all their friends and family.

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