Digital Dome at TAPI Pipeline Groundbreaking Ceremony


The TAPI Pipeline Groundbreaking Ceremony took place in Mary, Turkmenistan. The challenge was to create content for a sliced dome instead of a full dome. In the pre-production and production phases, which were around 25 to 30 days, we worked hard to get the optimum results for that special dome.

Nominating Company: Dreambox Visual Communication, Inc., Istanbul, Turkey
Venue: TAPI Pipeline Groundbreaking Ceremony, Mary, Turkmenistan
Project: TAPI Pipeline Groundbreaking Ceremony
Category: Immersive Environments

TAPI is an international natural gas pipeline beginning in Turkmenistan and passing through Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The groundbreaking ceremony, where the presidents of these four countries were present, took place in Mary, Turkmenistan.

The event venue, which we designed according to client’s comments and to the existing presidential rules, was specially built and designed for this event in around 20 days. We created different content for the show: One main movie about the pipeline project, one groundbreaking movie and one 3D pre-visualization movie of the facility where we built the natural gas facility from zero in the immersive screen.

The first difficulty was to solve the stage design and content according to the cultural differences and its protocol, which in this event, is the four presidents and the other guests sitting face to face. We needed to design the content according to these main guests without ignoring the others. So, we figure out a new way to tell the stories limited by protocol rules. The other issue was that the construction was a flattened dome due to some comments/needs of the client. As it was neither a 360-degree screen nor a dome, it was possible to have a deformation in the content that wwas solved during preproduction.

Digital Dome at TAPI Pipeline Groundbreaking CeremonySOLUTIONS
For the two different groups of guests sitting opposite each other, we worked in 180-degree content (mirrored) and combined it but we designed the scenes with storytelling in 360. We tried to keep the important information visible for both groups. It was hard to visualize in the beginning so we started our content tests in the early phases of content development. To start the tests as early as possible at first, we created a VR app with Oculus and we checked frame by frame who sees what from which point of view. For the deformation of the flattened dome, we both made some calculations and we also built a mock-up of this dome. We created some special scripts and finally adapted our content to the event area without any deformation.

As this is a project of Turkmengas, they don’t have clients like other commercial companies. But what we know is that all the four presidents and also the client was happy about the result. How do we know it? We’ve worked in two more event projects with them and are still continuing.

Dreambox Visual Communications, Inc. won the DSE 2017 Bronze APEX Award in the Immersive Environments category.


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