Digital Graffiti on the Beach


Presented by the Alys Foundation and sponsored by Christie, Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach celebrates the intersection of art, technology and architecture. During this innovative and dynamic three-day festival, competing artists from around the world and award-winning Visiting Artist Residents display their original projection art upon the iconic stark-white walls of Alys Beach, transforming the seaside Florida town into a vibrant canvas of light, sound and movement.

Nominating Company: The Alys Foundation, Alys Beach, Florida
Venue: Alys Beach and Artist Residency, Alys Beach, Florida
Project: Digital Graffit at Alys Beach and Artist Residency
Category: Experiential Design & Planning

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach, a projection art festival, started in 2008. One of the first of its kind in the world, it has taken place every year since. Originally offering large-scale “blank” canvases to 25 to 30 curatorially derived works of digital art to be projected onto the town’s walls and streets, the event is highly unique in the combination of an already unique town and the distinct kinds of art that graces it. The generational expression that results in a site-specific time and place is easy and tough to describe — “Wow!” just doesn’t measure up to the singular experience.

The town and community of Alys Beach has matured greatly over the past decade, seeing an almost exponential growth in buildings, plants and trees, plus other surfaces like water to project on. This and the need to add an established Visiting Artist Residency going into the weekend event forced a barebones Alys Foundation events team to seek new ways of thinking beyond the event to an entirely new, more colorful and lively level, while meeting strict deadlines.

digital graffiti at alys beach

The solution was to bring in more light, integrated solutions and to incorporate more sound and fog choreography. Digital solutions company Christie partnered with the Alys Foundation to provide on-site expertise and technology that lent a brighter display. Deadlines were met while allowing resident artists from Rhode Island (US), Berlin (DE) and Melbourne (AU) the latitude to experiment with their on-site creations.

Digital Graffiti increased its visibility literally and figuratively with a brighter and more fluid art projection. Artist and festival communities came together with a greater sense of appreciation and confidence in the art and process. Christie’s expertise in high production values offered tried-and-true solutions that Digital Graffiti had never experienced. The results were more immersive and visually arresting than ever.

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