Digital Media Systems Have Completed their 5,000th Digital Signage Display Installation


Digital Media Systems a specialist bespoke Digital Signage solution provider have completed their 5000th Digital Signage display installation.

A large luxury brands retailer approached Digital Media Systems with a very specific requirement. They wanted customer facing Digital Signage to engage with clients, yet it had to reflect the build & aesthetic qualities their luxurious brands. They didn’t want to have the same products churned out by many other suppliers.

As part of their new store build to deliver customer facing Digital Signage, Digital Media Systems designed & manufactured bespoke 49” totems fitted with high brightness panels, placed into their retail window space. For communications around the store, 75” UHD displays were chosen to deliver targeted advertising based on customer demographics.

Speaking about the project, James Dunne, Retail Director “We chose to work with Digital Media Systems as they offered a bespoke solution that would meet our current and future needs. DMS worked with our shop fit team as part of major new £5m store development at the St Stephen’s Shopping Centre in Hull. The solution needed to be designed and built to fit in with our luxurious environment and existing fitout plans and such Digital Media Solutions came up with the perfect solution for us.

The content is managed using our secure cloud based squareVIEW DSA platform, giving the marketing department at the luxury brand retailer the ability to schedule and deploy content in a timely fashion.

Dunne went on to say “We’re extremely happy with the bespoke window display totems and 75” Ultra High Definition displays installed at the new Luxe store. The visual impact of the animated content is eye-catching and appealing to our customers with positive comments and a good recall rate. We’re now in a position where we can schedule promotional information to show on the window displays quickly and, more importantly, remove it when the promotion expires. The ability to move fast has proved a real benefit and the memory of changing “posters” is very quickly becoming a distant one!”.

Avtar Singh, Digital Media Systems, said “Wow, how things have changed! Little did I know just over a decade ago we’d be installing thousands of Digital Signage systems throughout of the whole of the UK and Europe. Over the years we’ve worked with many industries ranging from nuclear, leisure, government through to retail providing bespoke solutions that are still being used today. We’re proud of all our installations and customers and are happy to reach the 5000th screen installation.”

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