Digital Renovations Make Downtown Montreal Sports Experts a Flagship Destination


Belonging to the largest sports shop banner in Quebec, this Sports Experts store has grown from a 40,000-square-foot space to a 60,000-square-foot space and now houses the latest technologies dedicated to the field of retail business. This makes it a destination not to be missed in the heart of downtown Montreal. The challenge was to harmonize everything into an existing environment and succeed in delivering an extraordinary customer experience.

Nominating Company: Stingray Business, Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada
Venue: Sports Experts – Downtown Montreal, Montreal, Canada
Project: Sports Experts – Downtown Montreal
Category: Retail

The main objective of the renovations for this location was to make it a flagship, a unique destination in downtown Montreal. The intent was also to incorporate the latest technologies in retail business and ensure sustainability in the medium and long term. Here is the list of technological innovations that have been implemented in the digital signage:
• Storefront portrait LED screens
• Custom column LEDs with two faces
• Interactive wayfinder
• Samsung interactive mirror
• Holographic displays
• LED banner – 20 feet for sports results and promos
• LED ticker for sports results and promos
• LED welcome wall – 20 x 8 feet
• LED shoe wall – 10 x 17 feet
• LCD (15) shoe wall for promos
• RFID interactive shoe wall – generic info and inventory for each shoe


Since we were starting from an existing store and making major renovations, we had to be creative in finding digital signage solutions that would incorporate well with the environment and meet very tight deadlines. The customer really wanted to have a store that stood with that “wow effect” at every level.

The two-sided LED columns were an integration challenge to ensure that there was no space at the junction (corner) of the two faces, and we worked extensively with our supplier to ensure that this detail was executed to perfection. We also had to test different approaches in implementing interactive mirrors to ensure they are effective and responsive to customer needs.

One of the solutions found to get that “wow effect” and a seamless integration in an existing environment was to introduce columns with integrated LED screens on two sides. Also, LED screens of different formats adapt better to the environment in comparison with less flexible LCD screens. Furthermore, the integration of an RFID solution for the shoe section provides information and inventory for each shoe in the store. Continuing in the same direction, we created 3D content for holographic cubes, a specific request from the customer to have even more punch.

From Sports Experts C.O.O.:
“We feel that with this project, we have created a shopping destination for visitors of all ages. The new Sports Experts Downtown concept stores is absolutely awe-inspiring and a great example of how digital innovations can enhance the overall customer experience and be a living part of the store design.”

The average purchase amount has since increased by 29.5 percent, overall sales volume has increased by 31.8 percent and in-store traffic has increased by 32.8 percent.

Sports Experts – Downtown Montreal won a DSE 2018 APEX Award in the Retail category.

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