Digital Signage Advances Global Goals at Cineplex Theatres


Global goals is a campaign to reduce poverty, address climate change, improve access to education and more. A cinema campaign was executed to reach the vast movie goer audience and educate them on these 17 goals.

Nominating Company: Cineplex Digital Solutions, Waterloo, Ontario
Venue: Cineplex Theatres, Toronto, Ontario
Project: Global goals at Cineplex Theatres
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

The objective was to create a digital experience that would educate and empower the public, while creating awareness and support for The Global Goals campaign in an engaging and memorable way that was shareable and trackable on social media.

The design of the platform needed to conform to size restrictions of theatre lobbies but be large enough to showcase thousands of photos at one time, educate bystanders and display social media tags to encourage guests to get involved.

The application had to appeal to a wide demographic and be engaging enough for movie goers to participate. Because images were displayed on screen in the lobbies of theatres, the images had to be filtered to ensure they were appropriate for the public space in which they were displayed.

Interactive Media Zone (IMZ), a 12-foot by 20-foot self-contained wall equipped with motion sensors, cameras, 84-inch 4K screens and an array of 30 Christie Microtiles, host an interactive experience to engage guests in theatre lobbies to create awareness around the campaign’s goals.

The design of the IMZ unit is modula and easy to install or move if needed without significant effort and cost. Multiple screens provide an interactive experience while educating bystanders through passive digital signage. To encourage participation, users not only see their photo with the goal they supported streaming across the large 84-inch screens in theatre lobbies, but they are able to opt into receiving their photo with their goal via SMS or email. The email/SMS also allows the user to share their photo on social media directly from the link. A monitoring system was put in place to deny photos that were deemed inappropriate for public spaces.

The project yielded more than 60,000 interactions in the first two weeks.

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