Digital Signage at BlueShore Financial Creates Zen Experience


10net custom-designed two unique sets of metal fabricated display mounts to continue the thematic expression of BlueShore Financial Spa. Additionally, 10net custom-coded and scripted the RS-232 DMX Lighting Controller that synchronizes light elements to custom content displayed for both mood and ambience.

Nominating Company: 10net Managed Solutions; North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Venue: BlueShore Financial Edgemont; North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Project: BlueShore Financial Spa ATM Window Displays
Category: Business, Industry & Government

As part of the newest Financial Spa branch located in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver, BlueShore Financial took the opportunity to elaborate on two of their standard storytelling media poster-board stations and digital signage in a high-impact, highly engaging manner. These media tell the story of BlueShore Financial – its brand, upscale services and differentiating value proposition. The primary objective of this installation was to create a stunning new way to express the BlueShore experience in a compact and intimate manner. BlueShore Financial’s brand is highly visual, relying on the West Coast lifestyle and environmental imagery to relate to its clients and prospects in order to create an aspirational, premium, boutique brand. The solution needed to be impactful yet not overwhelming, be innovative and unique yet sophisticated and elegant and be highly memorable; all the while keeping with the “financial spa” theme, a branch design concept unique to BlueShore Financial.

The customer wanted a more dynamic experience at the ATM locations. ATM window size would not fit standard displays and needed to be readable in direct sunlight.

The structural column needed some aesthetic enhancements as it was detracting to the eye and didn’t provide the brand experience that BlueShore Financial is known for. The size of the column as well as the curvature of the column provided mounting challenges as well as challenges with keeping all of the electrical and data cabling discrete and on brand.

10net used custom open-frame displays along with designing and manufacturing custom bezels that seamlessly integrated into the existing structure of the ATM windows. To add to the dynamic experience, color-changing LED lights were added to the ‘art glass’ of the wall housing the ATMs and custom scripting was used to synchronize the content on the ATM window displays to the color of the LEDs.

10net designed and installed a cascade of 12 small displays to enhance the aesthetics of the column. Custom mounts were used to compensate for the curvature of the column as well as to allow the displays to be precisely angled and have all cabling hidden from public view. Content was designed that seamlessly traverses all of the panels using an HP computer with 12 DisplayPort outputs.

Starting with the entrance of the branch where the ATMs are located, clients are greeted with messages seen on custom 19-inch sunlight viewable displays that are color-synchronized with the DMX lit ‘art glass.’ The lighting and imagery sets the tone for the ‘financial spa’ experience. The cascading and angled Samsung DB10D 10-inch LED displays create a stunning presentation of BlueShore’s beautiful video and imagery in a series of gentle videos of waterfalls, glistening water, dappled leaves and falling snow. The portrait and landscape mounted Samsung DB22D 22-inch displays add a layered effect and feature a series of storytelling videos for various services and features that are synchronized with the content on the 10-inch displays. Visitors are equally stunned by the vividness of the technology and soothed by the nature of the images. The entire experience creates an overwhelming “Zen” experience.

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