Digital Signage Boosts BP Customer Loyalty


Our project was to prepare the contents of the digital signage application for the Avcılar Branch of the global oil company BP. During the creation of the program, it was important that the digital signage application’s content renewed itself continuously, informing about daily life and providing fun at the same time because it is going to be installed in places that are open 24 hours and appeal to all consumer classes.. They are also used as internal communication displays and as vendor display information screens.

Nominating Company: BP Avcilar Branch; Istanbul, Turkey
Venue: Sistem 9 Medya; Istanbul, Turkey
Project: BP TV Digital Signage Application
Category: Transportation

The digital signage application inside BP Shops allows the customer to pass time with current topics and fun themes while waiting. The screens in the BP shops are placed next to the cash register facing the customer. The content was filled with advertisements for the BP personal card application and cross marketing for other collaborating brands. After purchasing fuel, the customer gets the chance to purchase discounted products from various brands. The customer is shown the current activity with special animated advertisements inside the BP Shop. The broadcast in the BP Shops is also filled with news, weather forecasts, economy info, etc. and is updated every day by our editors via the central system. The system was also advertised as indoor digital media for brands that want to improve their shopping experience.

The content sent by the agency was prepared horizontally. This created a problem while preparing it for the vertical screen. It is also important to keep content like news current and varied, so an editor service was necessary.

The content was adapted to the vertical screen by the agency after we requested the raw form of the content from the agency and adapted the incoming images to the vertical broadcast. To keep the content current and non-repeating, we increased the number of spots and decreased the broadcast time.

The loyalty of BP customers to the brand has increased due to the content being funny and up-to-date.  The company found out that, with discount promotions (coupons etc.) of different brands (food, retail etc.) displayed during wait times, cross marketing activities and sms applications, customers considered the same station as a preferred point for their next fuel purchases.    

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