Digital Signage Brings a Complete Shopping Experience to Toy Planet


PALENCIA, SPAIN FEBRUARY 28, 2019 –  Toy Planet, the spanish toy stores, has chosen digital signage to create a new dimension to shopping experience in all of its establishments. DENEVA helped Toy Planet make the digital transition. The retail brand has trusted on DENEVA’s software to attract customers attention, save time in content management and reduce printing cost.

Toy Planet was looking for integrate digital signage in all its stores through a tool that will involves immediacy, efficiency, spectacularity and modernity. Also this platform should be in line with its brand philosophy. It must, also, allow to reduce the “ecological footprint” that the traditional signage has and reduce costs.

The brand challenge was to introduce this technology in its offers and promotions management. Moreover, implement and automatic distribution of this management to all its stores and the website. Through this way they will launch impact messages and ads of the Toy Planet manufacturer brands (nowadays they are about the 80% of the products of its stores).

To achieve these objectives, Toy Planet relies on DENEVA Digital Signage solution for 400 screens that are distributed in more than 233 spanish establishments. The displays have an embedded SoC that reduce installation and maintenance time.

DENEVA allows the centralized content management of all viewing points. It also allows the easily content segmentation in order to launch offers tagged by stores, location or in relation to the stock. Thanks to DENEVA, Toy Planet is able to monitor the content generated and create reports for each advertiser to know the campaign status, in every single moment.

“We have spent some time looking at options in digital signage industry. DENEVA was the first to offer the solution that comply with our expectations.”, says Ignacio Gaspar, Toy Planet General Manager. He also allows: “It has allowed to easily integrate a new solution that has created a modern and dynamic brand of all of our establishments. And even better, DENEVA has become a new source of revenue for the company.”

Toy Planet goes digital by creating an interactive in-store experience where innovation is the key to improving profitability and modernization.

Viewing points are located both outside and inside of all of its stores. The location of vertical large-format displays at the shops windows reminds us the traditional signage looks. It is used to capture audience’s attention and try to attract them to enter in. Those who are inside, allows to enjoy a unique and different shopping experience. Its locations makes them different. The huge visual appeal of the displays improves the engagement and customer loyalty, due to the possibility of updated the content inmmediately, specially in the areas specifically destined for payment.

About DENEVA – Driving more than 12.000 screens worldwide and over 40.000 emission points, DENEVA digital signage solution allows the development of smart digital solutions that helps customers to enhance their user experience and brand image. DENEVA global partnerships located in Europe, Asia and Latin America. DENEVA delivers worldwide solutions in multiple languages to more than one hundred satisfied customers that include Bancomer, Philip Morris International, Repsol, Dentix or Medellin Metro among others. For additional information, visit: . Connect with Deneva via  Twitter,  Facebook and  Instagram ########

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