Digital Signage Brings Visual Fun to Montreal’s Olivier Ford Dealership


Olivier Ford is a successful car dealership located on the South Shore of Montreal with the largest selection of Ford vehicles in the region. President Jacques Olivier Jr. is passionate about his business and turned to Stingray Business to give his showroom a competitive edge.

Nominating Company: Stingray Business, Boisbriand, QC, Canada
Venue: Olivier Ford, St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada
Project: Olivier Ford Showroom
Category: Retail

The solution developed for Olivier Ford had to meet a series of specific criteria: maximize interior space without expansion or renovation, wow customers the minute they enter the dealership, communicate special offers and promotions, compete with online sales, give customers access to a larger inventory, improve brand awareness and improve customer loyalty. Stingray Business proposed a three-step technological improvement plan that would begin with the installation of a massive video wall made up of 50 46-inch’ inch screens with wall-thin bezels for seamless content integration. The sheer scale of the video wall stops all visitors in their tracks and provides the desired wow effect.

Easily controlled by employees or customers using an iPad with a proprietary content management system, the giant video wall can broadcast a variety of entertaining, interactive and informative content. A catalogue of all models in all colors is also available.

The challenges mainly came from the configuration of the video wall connected with the different options on the iPad and from the content creation side. The client has three different modes he can choose from to display content, all that being possible by using RS232 command per screen: full screen, live feed options including side banners to display a real 16:9 within the video wall and 50 percent to 50 percent to display different types of promos. The difficulty was to switch from one mode to another (the command) in a seamless way within a few seconds. With a resolution of 3840 x 1080, we also had to find different ways to create appropriate content to maximize the screens, usually starting with assets from Ford Canada.

To be able to switch mode quickly, we had to test different RS232 matrices and program the right commands to execute properly. On the content side, we used a 4K player that can display a maximum resolution of 3840 pixels wide. Having a more cinematic format than usual, we tried to maximize the whole space to forefront the brand and the vehicles. We also handpicked the best videos of the brand to create different montage more appropriate for the video wall layout.

The installation of a large-scale video wall and the development of custom content do more than impress visitors. It generates positive feedback, increases positive word of mouth and positions the dealership as cutting-edge and innovative. The video wall is also a money-saving alternative to printing promotional material. It increases the time spent on the premises by the average customer, and most importantly, it brings the fun back into visiting a car dealership!

Stingray Business was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Retail category.

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