Digital Signage Company CrownTV Launches Tablet Device with Barcode Scanning and Facial Recognition Technology


New York, NY, November 7, 2016 ( – CrownTV, a cutting edge New York City-based digital signage company with offices in Toronto and France, has crossed into the realm of consumer experience technology with its latest tablet device featuring barcode scanning and facial recognition capabilities.

The plug-and-play tablet is built by CrownTV and comes fully equipped with a custom mount along with the company’s proprietary, cloud-based content management software. On top of the standard functions of CrownTV’s existing tablet device – like displaying high-definition graphics and video plus apps such as social media, weather, RSS feeds and more – this new tablet brings increased functionality with the addition of barcode scanning and facial recognition technology.

When a shopper scans an item’s barcode, the tablet displays detailed product information as well as any relevant promotions. Retailers can easily add custom product details using CrownTV’s online dashboard, with the ability to remotely update the content from any internet-connected device. Facial recognition allows retailers to gather valuable insights and demographics on their customers, such as age, gender and who’s scanning which products.

In the age of short attention spans and instant gratification, the new tablet puts the power of knowledge at consumers’ fingertips, allowing them to learn more about products without having to scour hard-to-read labels or ask a store employee. Accordingly, it removes some of the burden from the store’s customer service staff.

Contemporary salons, such as Cutler Salon in New York City and L’Oréal partner salons, have marveled at how the device seamlessly helps customers browse their products and find exactly what they’re looking for. Scanning a bottle of hairspray, for instance, reveals which hair types it’s best for, what it does, how it works, how to use it, and its hold strength.

The multi-faceted, multi-purpose device is fitting for any retailer looking to educate shoppers on its products, from food to clothing to cosmetics. In addition, the crisp and vibrant images add a modern, tech-savvy aesthetic to any establishment and keep shoppers’ eyes on the products.

“This tablet completely transforms the in-store shopping experience, turning it into one that’s interactive, engaging and more resembling of the online shopping experience modern-day consumers have become accustomed to,” said Jacob Layani, CrownTV’s CEO.

Being compact and portable, the tablets can be optimally placed among retail shelving or anywhere within a store where shoppers browse products. For maximum impact, they can be placed at points of sale – cash registers, for instance – tempting shoppers to make those last-minute, impulse purchases.

It’s time to make the in-store shopping experience mimic retail’s number one competitor: e-commerce. CrownTV’s latest tablet device rises to the occasion.


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