Digital Signage Content Elevates Experience Center at Cardinal Health Headquarters


Within Cardinal Health’s headquarters is the Experience Center — an immersive environment including the Customer Portal, which is a 15-foot tall, four-sided interactive tower; The Dashboard, which is a 4K multi-touch video wall; The Gallery Wall, which is a 16-panel synchronized video display wall and two transparent LCD product cabinets. Each contains dynamic content that engages visitors.

Nominating Company: Omnivex Corporation and Radiant Technology, Concord, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Cardinal Health, Dublin, Ohio
Project: Cardinal Health Headquarters Experience Center
Category: Business & Government Services

Leaders at Cardinal Health wanted to create an immersive Experience Center that would engage and educate visitors and employees at their headquarters in central Ohio. Simply put, the environment needed to “wow” and communicate the “Essential to Care” brand message. The organization called on expert agencies to create a concept and content. Radiant Technology was entrusted with seamless integration and Omnivex Moxie digital signage software was employed to manage the elaborate content. For more than a year, the teams worked together to develop each element of the Experience Center. It was decided that the Experience Center would utilize a series of dynamic digital elements to deliver interactive videos, motion graphics and more. The result of the collaboration was nothing short of extraordinary. A 15-foot interactive tower, 165”-inch 4K interactive dashboard, 16-panel synchronized video gallery and two transparent LCD product cabinets were developed to come to life with human interaction.

The creation of the Experience Center brought forth two primary challenges: the construction of a dynamic interactive digital signage tower and finding a simple, cost-effective way to help Cardinal Health manage its mammoth undertaking of digital signage technologies. The concept of building a four-sided interactive tower that would be a central focal point to wow and engage users was an unprecedented request. It was an energizing challenge and one that required intensive collaboration with trusted manufacturers and partners.

The latter challenge was one of pressing importance. Cardinal Health has always evolved with the ever-changing healthcare industry. As such, they knew they would need the ability to keep content dynamic and relevant, which meant managing and changing their content regularly and instantly. They needed a solution that would allow their team to update and manage their dynamic digital signage in-house without the costly services of third-party organizations.

Radiant Technology spent more than a year collaborating with the agencies that created the concepts for customer interaction, including the monolithic Customer Portal, which provides a focal point. With budget in mind, Radiant designed the interactive tower solution and then created a proof of concept miniature version to allow teams to test the structure and ensure the content could move fluidly from one panel to the next with the touch of a finger. They experimented with different types of content and construction techniques before arriving at a solution that delivered more than the original, lofty concept.

When it came to finding an all-inclusive digital signage management platform for Cardinal Health, Radiant Technology knew the exact product for the job. They brought in Omnivex Moxie, a best-in-class digital signage management tool that allows existing Cardinal Health employees to take control of their dynamic digital content internally.Omnivex pic 2

After more than a year of planning, development and testing, followed by another six months of installation, the resulting environment is simply awe-inspiring. The Experience Center illuminates the lobby of Cardinal Health’s headquarters, drawing employees, business partners and visitors in with its inviting content and easy-to-use technology. Team members from the organization are thrilled to find the Experience Center serving as a big draw for important customers and enticing them to make the trip to Dublin, Ohio to experience the environment for themselves. This added access to customers allows the team to hold more meaningful, in-person dialogue with their customers and show how Cardinal Health is Essential to Care.

Omnivex Corporation and Radiant Technology won the DSE 2016 Silver Apex Award in the Business & Government Services category.

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