Digital Signage Content in Three Dimensions


3D displays have become very popular for consumers at home. But most 3D displays today require the use of special glasses. This makes it difficult to use 3D displays in digital signage for retail and other verticals. That is … until now.

No-glasses 3D, aka “glasses-free” displays, have been in the marketplace for a few years now. When seeking out “glasses-free” 3D displays, study the displays’ specs to understand the number of viewing angles and the width of the viewing angle. The more viewing angles, the more people can watch the display at the same time (from different angles). When viewing “glasses-free” 3D content, the viewer needs to find its sweet spot to get the full 3D effect. The viewer also needs to stand still (somewhat) once they do find their sweet spot.

Preparing content for 3D displays requires getting professional assistance. 3D content can be video, graphics or animation. Some content can be converted from 2D to 3D, such as videos. But this is not the same as if the video were created in 3D. Content in 3D can be very effective. However, some people have claimed that it gives them headaches, or makes them dizzy. This is more prevalent when wearing 3D glasses. If this happens to a viewer with a glasses-free display, they can just walk away. But this is a small percentage of people.

Not all 3D content is compatible. There are different types of 3D technology, and your 3D content needs to match the type used with the display. A professional in creating 3D content should be contacted if you are planning to use 3D in your environment. Also, bear in mind that creating 3D content costs considerably more than traditional content, and “glasses-free” 3D-displays are also expensive. But if it is used correctly, 3D content can be very effective and entertaining. And, you will find many more people standing around your displays for longer periods. These are all very good reasons to consider using 3D-content in your signage strategy.


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