Digital Signage Enables Real-Time Produce Shopping


In the food business, highlighting organic and fresh products is a must!

Consequently, the Duchemin Family IGA, located in a Montreal neighborhood, became the first North American supermarket to sell organic vegetables grown on its rooftop!

The challenge was to let customers see what was happening on the roof. To accomplish that, interactive digital signage tools were custom-made to let customers buy live from the rooftop garden.

This store experience enhanced IGA’s brand and image.

Nominating Company: VIF Tele, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Venue: IGA – Frais du toit – Live Harvesting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Project: Frais du toit – Live Harvesting
Category: Retail Environments

Buying vegetables picked in real time created a new way of grocery shopping. This project has been in constant evolution for the past three years. The achievements of objectives are growing from year to year.

Objectives :
• Associate the store to a short manufacturing-distribution circuit with organic, fresh and local products; • Be positioned as a bold, eco-friendly, forward-thinking brand with a unique in-store experience;
• Show costumers what happens on the rooftop so they can have simple access to a personalized harvest experience through technology;
• Integrate the project in the store’s environment by being coherent with the project’s design to showcase the whole experience to consumers (content as a whole);
• Communicate Live Harvesting inside and outside the store to be recognized for the ingenuity and the interactivity of the installation;
• Assure the implication and the engagement of the customers to the concept of the project

VIF Tele had to perfectly secure the content coming from various sources for a continuous display and use of the interactive content. The installation, management, support and layout of the hardware was at the center of this project. Thus, VIF acted as the binding agent in the Live Harvesting interactive installation.

The continuous update of the inventory was also a challenge. It was updated automatically from one system to another so the software had to be conceived for this requirement.

The strategy behind this software was developed with a tight deadline. The great implementation of this project required multiple actors such as the integrator and technology provider (VIF Tele), the project management team, etc. Accordingly, team work and continuous communication between the different actors were key. Each domain of expertise was used to its fullest and gave some exceptional results that created a complete and eye-catching experience for the customers.

The solution was the interactive digital signage tools designed for this project. This innovation enabled customers to order freshly picked products from a touchscreen and see informational and promotional content.

VIF Tele pic2VIF Tele specifically developed a software to ensure smooth browsing on the live-order touchscreen interface. VIF integrated and operated the different technological components (hardware and software) of this project.

The interactive kiosk enabled consumers to see which products were available in real-time. Orders made on the interface (similar to on an online shop) were immediately sent to a wireless tablet used by the rooftop team. Conjointly, the inventory of 30 varieties of organic vegetables was updated regularly.

The farmers are being filmed by two cameras so customers can see them pick their order from the garden. The farmers then go down 44 steps to bring the customers their freshest produce.

This digital technology enables consumers to connect with nature!

The objectives were met because of the exceptional results of this year’s campaign, focused entirely on the customer experience.

•The success of this interactive technology uplifted sales 25 percent compared to last year!
•YouTube videos with 1.43 million views and a reach of 4.5 million


The kiosk’s unique visual aspect made it possible to clearly demonstrate the proximity of the products in addition to creating a direct link between farmers and costumers, capturing their attention and influencing their purchases. The broadcast on social media helped to expand its reach and increase its popularity throughout Quebec and internationally. This interactive kiosk is a creative solution to the initial issue. This project was exceptional on several levels, particularly in terms of merging various expertise and the quality of the execution. The success of this collaboration inspired the grocer and his franchisor to develop various innovative digital projects and to improve human interaction inside store.


– Grocer : Duchemin Family IGA extra (IGA extra Famille Duchemin) – Urban Farmers: The Green Line (La ligne verte)
– Marketing/Communication and other services: Sobeys (owner of the IGA banner)
– Integrator & Technology Provider: VIF Tele (VIF Télé) – Project management and oversight of the related campaign : Cartier Agency (Cart1er) – Interactive Content : 288 Agency (Deux Huit Huit)

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