Digital Signage Helps Houston’s Village School Celebrate Achievements


The Village School in Houston, Texas was looking for an engaging way to celebrate the academic and athletic achievements of their students as well as demonstrate the school’s advantages to prospective families and visitors. They invested in a large video wall and three Digital Trophy Cases for the new athletics building as well as additional Admissions Trophy Cases for the elementary and middle school.

Nominating Company: Nanonation, Lincoln, Nebraska
Venue: The Village School, Houston, Texas
Project: Video Wall and Digital Trophy Cases
Category: Educational Environments

The Village School, a private school for gifted and talented children, wanted to provide past and present information on their athletics program, as well as provide information about the school for prospective parents. The Digital Trophy Cases are housed in the school’s newly built athletic building and Admissions Office. The school wanted an innovative approach that included modern technology — an easily updatable real-time solution that did not affect space limitations.

The Village School was founded in 1966 and has expanded to 1,750 students, outgrowing their space several times. With a wide variety of programs and a long history, the school needed a way to display all of this information. Traditional trophy cases have limited space and only allow for a few items to be showcased. The biggest challenge was designing the Digital Trophy Cases to ensure they demonstrate the advantages of the school to further promote higher admission rates. The school also wanted easily updatable experiences, accessible to a variety of people at any given time.

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The software platform they selected from Nanonation not only enables real-time access and updates but allows different privileges for different users. Assigning different privileges to staff allows them to edit certain aspects of the Digital Trophy Cases, so not one person manages the experience. This is key to ensuring that the content remains relevant and exciting. The Digital Trophy Cases allow administrators to display an endless amount of information about the school, including sports, academics, student experiences, and sponsors. Interactive screens enable users to easily navigate through the pages of content, including sports records. Coupled with their video wall, the screens provide a unique way to engage for students and parents alike, while allowing the school to present and inform more efficiently than before.

The Digital Trophy Cases have been enjoyed by everyone. The screens were intentionally placed in several areas, which has helped to keep students engaged.

“The Digital Trophy Cases have provided a great way for families who are entering events or waiting for events to use that time in an educational manner,” said the school’s marketing coordinator Rachel Sloan. “Not only can they learn about the school history and records but about our unique approaches as well.”

The Digital Trophy Cases are an educational tool, allowing prospective families to learn more about the school prior to their tours, as well as current families who want to know more about offered programs.

“We’ve also loved the ability to highlight athletes in an artistic way in our halls, Sloan added. ‘’They really love having that coverage, and it makes it manageable for us.”

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