Digital Signage with Intel NUC and Embed Signage


embed signage has been working closely with Intel® to optimise the software for Intel NUC Digital Signage players. This close working relationship means embed signage can aide businesses further to utilise Intel® NUC and Compute Stick products for professional digital signage solutions. 

“The Channel Innovation and Solutions Division (CISD) within Intel appreciates working with partners like embed signage to deliver innovative solutions based on the Intel® NUC. The latest software solution from embed signage is another great step in the development of Intel NUC based digital signage”
John Deatherage, CISD Marketing Director, Intel

In conjunction with embed signage, businesses utilising NUC or Compute Stick products that include vPro support can also benefit from a range of remote management tools provided by Intel®. vPro is highly recommended for unattended digital signage due to its ‘out-of-band’ remote manageability capabilities i.e. the ability to access the PC BIOS, even if the OS is unresponsive. Intel® also provides free management tools such as Intel Setup and Configuration Service and Mesh Central

“the relationship with Intel® has allowed us to further develop our support for the NUC and Compute Stick products and as such we are due to release an update to our desktop application that includes a multitude of enhancements that our clietns and resellers are going to benefit from”.
said Daniel Cruickshank, Full Stack Developer at embed signage

Successful projects that harness the power of Intel® devices and embed signage, are those of household names such as Roche Bobois, Selfridges and Pepsico. Chosen for their reliability, broad range of remote management tools and compatibility with embed signage.

To find out more about using NUC or Compute Stick products for Digital Signage with embed signage, check out both embed signage with Windows and the Intel NUC Digital Signage page.


Embed Signage is a cloud based Digital Signage software that’s quick to learn and powerful to use. It is compatible with a wide range of device platforms including Samsung Smart Signage Platform, Chrome OS, Windows, ONELAN, Mac, iOS and Android.

Embed Signage is used to deliver digital signage projects through a network of global resellers in a variety of industries including Retail, Corporates, Leisure, Education and Government.

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